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The Ultimate Roulette Strategy to Never Lose Again

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Casinos have a ton of games for players to choose from these days. One of the more popular choices is Roulette. Most likely due to it’s easy to understand rules and the chance at some big scores. However, many players feel that this is a game of luck, but you can actually employ certain Roulette strategies to help you beat the odds and never lose again.

The goal of Roulette is to bet on which number or color you think the ball will land on. While this is mainly based on chance, there are a few things you can do to lessen lady lucks decision.

The Martingale Strategy


This simple, yet effective betting strategy is used by most savvy gamblers and has been proven to work over the years. The idea behind this betting strategy is that you will always break even.

You start by placing a bet and based on what happens on this bet, will dictate how much to bet next. If you lose, you need to double the losing bet on the next spin. If you had bet $5 and lost, your next bet should be $10. You will continue this progression until you win. Once a winning bet is made, you go back to the original size bet you started with.

Double Street Quad


The goal of this strategy is to cover as many numbers of possible with as little money as possible. By using this, you will have nearly half of the numbers covered with very little money at risk.

To implement the Double Street Quad strategy, you will be betting a single number that is not covered on the double streets that you will betting on and place a bet of 1 chip. Next, pick 2 streets to place a wager of 2 chips on each street.

Lastly, choose a quad block of numbers that again, is not covered by the straight number bet and place one chip on this betting spot. You now have 6 chips in play and 17 of the 35 numbers covered in a game of single zero Roulette.

Five Quad Strategies


This Roulette strategy is much like the Double Street except you are only betting on quads or corners. Pick 5 blocks of 4 numbers to place a one chip bet on. Then choose a straight number, preferably one not already covered by one of the 5 quad bets and place one more chip on this number.

This strategy uses the same amount of chips as the Quad Street one, but you are now covering 21 numbers instead of 17. The odds of winning using his strategy are a tad bit lower, but it does have bigger rewards since the quad bets pay out a higher percentage than the street bets used in the Double Street strategy.

All of these roulette strategies mentioned are designed to give you a better chance at winning. These strategies use a mathematical formula to ensure you should at least break even by doubling your losing bets to recoup the previous one. With a little luck, using any of these strategies should show a nice profit in the long run!

Andy Cunoi

Andy is a common guy with an uncommon passion for blackjack. Currently he lives in San Francisco, California. Andy enjoys writing about gambling. Loves a simple life and his writing reflects that. He also enjoys music festivals a lot.


  • kingfish56 says:

    I have never seen a roulette strategy that works.
    The only strategy that works is your own personal gut feeling about the outcome of the spin.
    You have to realize it’s a game of total randomness. The results of the ongoing spins is haphazard at best. Therefore, the bets you place have to be haphazard as well. You’ll have a better chance of matching the outcome. Never start a game with any less than 60 to 100 chips of $1.00 value. Once those are gone, never dig into you pocket for more money! Simply walk away, the table’s cold.
    I never place less than 30 chips down, all in randoms of straight-ups, splits, square, and street bets.
    I never bother with line bets, “black or red”. 1st, 2nd. or 3rd dozen, because the payoffs are lousy. I almost always start winning, and wind up playing with the casino’s money. Then I reach a level when the croupier starts paying me with “green” chips, because all the $1.00 chips of my color are all in front of me! I immediately stick these “green” ($25) chips in my pocket and leave them there. When I feel a pretty good size “bulge” in my pocket, I cash in my chips, walk to the main cashier, cash in my “green” chips and collect an additional three or four hundred bucks.
    P.S. I always tip the croupier after each winning spin!

  • Andy Cunoi says:

    Great input Kingfish56!
    Definitely although this is in fact quite random, playing smart moves like the amount of chips you have to start playing and and separating the chips. Thank you so much for sharing!

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