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3 Unbelievable Ways to Win on Slot Machines

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If you’ve ever walked into a casino or visited one online, one of the first things you will notice is the pictures of all the big winners. They proudly display the recent players who have won a massive jackpot. They sit there, big smiles on their face, holding a giant novelty check that makes you feel all gitty inside. It gives you hope, that one day you could be in that picture, holding a giant check.

Before you get your hopes up, you should know that hitting these massive jackpots is like getting hit struck by lightning. In fact, you’re more likely to get hit by lightning before you win one of these jackpots. If you really want to start winning at slots, you should listen up and follow these 3 easy tips to make you a winner. You may not be winning big, million dollar prizes, but not many will. What you will be doing, is winning more than the average person and on a regular basis.

Stick to Smaller Jackpots


The large jackpots displayed in casinos are little more than an advertising gimmick. The huge numbers may make your eyes light up with dreams of making it rich and thinking that you could be the one to hit, but in reality, you aren’t going to. These large jackpots have such high odds, that you are unlikely to ever hit this jackpot. They may only pay out once a year or less.

You should be focusing on the smaller jackpots with better odds. You will have a much better chance at winning one of the smaller jackpots since they will pay out more often. They may not be as sexy as the million dollar prizes, but I’d rather hit a smaller jackpot once in a while than never hit a larger one.

The Key is in the Payouts

Most casinos will list the payout percentages on their slots. This information can easily be found by looking and opening your eyes. Some will display this right as you enter the slot area in a live casino making it easy to know what you’re up against.

You should look for the best payouts obviously. Don’t be lazy and play a machine with terrible odds just because it’s there. Some slots will have payouts as high as 99% or even more. The average is around 96%, but it shouldn’t take much work to find a slot machine with a higher pay out percentage.


Other People’s Money

Yes, that is the name of a popular Danny DeVito movie, but it’s also a smart way to play slot machines. What we mean is, use the many bonuses and comps that you can find online to play with the casinos money.

When you make a first time deposit at an online casino, you are almost always given some type of bonus. These bonuses range from a few bucks, up to thousands of dollars. A good example would be a 100% match bonus up to $1,000. Make a deposit of $1,000 and you will actually have $2,000 to play with.

Many casinos even give out slot specific bonuses just to play their line of slot games. This is a no brainer in our book and should be one of the strategies you use to start making more money at slots.

Gemma Sykes

Gemma is not only a great game player who enjoys casino halls, she is also a great jazz dancer. She has a very keen interest in the way things work, her curiosity got her a job on online gambling industry as a writer. Always looking for new and fun ways to do things and still have time for the spotlight.

  • Jstar5051

    I started playing high rollers about two months ago!! At the casino I play at, there are two $100.00 machines, two $50.00 dollar machines and four $25.00 machines!! I’ve won and lost close to $100,000.00 dollar in that period of time! I’ve been looking for the triple diamonds but nothing so far!! How can I win some of that monwy back?? Is there perhaps a certain time of the day to go!! I’ve hit several jachpots, $32,000.00, 16,000.00, 8,000.00 and numerous $2000.00′s!! All these jackpots require an IRS form so taxes will be forth coming!! How can I beat these machines! Rabbits foot, or other types talisman lucky charms don’t work either!! Do you have an answer!!

  • Giochidislots

    I don’t agree with this post….why playing a small jackpot slot machine why with one shot you could be millionaire???

  • Gemma Sykes

    Hello Giochidislots,

    I am the author of this post, I wrote all these tips taking my own experience into consideration and this has worked as a charm. Sometimes humans are greedy and that might make them believe that a bigger jackpot might be a good idea, those are harder to get and one shot might turn into many shots and a big loss. Smaller jackpots are much easier to get and that will certainly increase your winnings.

  • Gemma Sykes

    Hi Jstar5051,

    I’m Gemma, I wrote this post. Unfortunately all slots work randomly and all you can do is play along with them, just do it wisely. Hope my tips work for you :)

  • Greg Elder

    Sure with one spin you might win millions and you also might get eaten by sharks if you swim in the ocean, but it’s not very likely. The large progressive jackpot slot machines have the worst payback percentages usually around 85-88% which is terrible. Good luck!

  • Greg Elder

    You have two choices. Either stop gambling or switch to a casino game you actually have a chance to win on. If you lost 100K I hope your extremely wealthy because there is no way your going to win that back playing slots. Sure you might win a jackpot here or there, but in the end you will be in the negative.
    PS: you don’t have to pay taxes if your losses exceed your wins. You have to file your wins, but in most states the losses can be deducted.

  • jjonright

    Great advice, when you’re winning it is a high and you keep trying to get that high again and end up loosing more than you win. Hard Rock gives you and X status, $500.00 a week in free play provided you play on the same level. Regardless of how much you’ve lost, it does no loose a number of priviledges when you don’t have the money to play as before. I went from $2,000 a month in free play to $200.00 a month. I would prefer having my money in my wallet than in their slot machines. They can keep their damn benefits.

  • eric clark

    Hey I just read about hacking Slot Machines,and thinking how can I hack slot machine application by these trick?…..If I successsed I can solve ur problem to… can probably higher for wining jackpot.

  • Franes

    How I win is I take a certain amount to the casino in 20 dollar bills once that’s gone I can’t play any more,I cash out my winning slips before I go home I do not put them back in. I always go home with money.k

  • Barabus Quin

    I happened to win $450.00 on a machine and this woman said to me I won her money as she was just on that machine. She went on to say she lost over $800.00 so far.
    I sympathized with her and moved on , no point in explaining that the slots generate random sequences and it’s luck that gets you a win, not how many credits you pump in to it, it’s just hitting the button at the right moment the number sequence is in a pay out mode. What you can do is control your loses and having an understanding that there are no hot machines or slots specially tuned to pay out in certain spots , this is all fiction.
    Of course you can be lucky and do the odd max credit and hit a jackpot or a pretty good score but don’t lose hundreds chasing that big win , discipline yourself and bring in only what you can realistically afford to lose and if your cannot do that, stay away from casinos, because they love those people who lose control and blow their bank accounts chasing a possible big win or jackpot.
    When I am on vacation I never go near casinos or any other gambling dens.
    Too easy to justify losing a couple grand convincing myself I am on vacation and it’s ok.
    It’s not ok to hand over your hard earned money to these jackals !
    Only controlled amounts each visit are acceptable for me and any wins I make it a point to spend some were else.