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A Simple Roulette Strategy to Win Every Time

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Everyone dreams of leaving Vegas with their pockets full by using a smart gmabling strategy. To win more often, Blackjack players spend years to master card counting. To take more pots, poker players spend hours in front of mirror to polish their poker face. The question is what is left to the Roulette players and the answer is a spot on strategy!

What you will get from this article…

The truth is there’s actually a simple roulette strategy that roulette players use to win every time. Of course, now you are thinking that it is practically impossible to win on every single bet and that is not what we mean. If you are after a strategy that will put more money in your pocket over the long haul, this is the one.

Know the basics!

  • There is a common misconception that you should only bet on evens or odds, black or red, or a specific numbers. Consider betting on the first dozen numbers (1 through 12), the second dozen numbers (13 through 24) and the third dozen numbers (25 through 36).
  • Decision to choose a certain group of numbers should not come out of thin air. This is where a special strategy steps in. Your bets should be consistent!
  • Let’s agree upon terms – For a better understanding, the first 12 numbers will be categorized as A. The second 12—B. The third 12—C. A zero or a double zero will be categorized as 0.

How do we choose the group of numbers?

  • Start spinning the roulette wheel or playing on a free online roulette table so that you don’t blow your bankroll while preparing for this winning roulette strategy.
  • As the ball lands, record the category. If the ball lands on a number in the second 12 numbers, write down B; if it land on the third, write down C.
  • Keep spinning and recording until you see a series of five categories where one specific category is missing. So, if you record C, B, B, C, B for your five spins, you can stop because A didn’t come up.

So what’s so magical about A?

Well, in this example, that’s what you’ll be betting on at the real money roulette wheel. While you will alter your bet, you won’t actually alter what you’re betting on. That’s right! You’ll never, EVER, change the group that you’re putting your money on.

How do you bet?


It depends on what kind of bankroll you’re bringing to the table. If you’re bringing a bankroll of $500 or more, you can employ the double-your-bet strategy, where you double your bet every time you lose. If you’ve got a smaller bankroll to play with, consider increasing your bet by one unit when you lose, and decreasing it by one unit when you win.

There are tons of roulette strategies out there, and some sites will try to sell you a simple roulette strategy to win. You shouldn’t have to shell out cash to learn how to win at an online casino. Save your money for the online casino and use it to build a bigger bankroll, not to make a roulette strategy salesman rich.

Antoine Foxx

33 year old male. Has visited Las Vegas several times as well as other great gambling places. Always having a good time. After having a little girl, he couldn’t travel as much so he started enjoying online gaming. Antoine is always looking for something different and interesting. Part time rock star but full time computer geek, he never seems to guarantee a balanced life. Enjoys Cajun food a lot!

  • Georgeformby

    What a load of rubbish – does not give accurate betting strategy and assumes that a dozen will appear after x number of missing spins – pure fantasy……I have witness a dozen appear for 15 consecutive spins – odds are 14m or more that you will witness this..but it can easily happen again…….one spin or 5 spins does not determine the next or any future result….

  • Paul Hoffmann

    You will never beat or win at a Casino on a rerular basis thats why they exsist, they are there to take your money and line the Casino Companys / Owners pockets and tell you its all in the name of fun. What a load of Bull, while they make milions and you go home with empty pockets. how do you call that fun.

  • tiger5555555

    paul compleately agree with you .
    there are no system you can win on roulette on regular basis you can win by luck on the day , but you will lose it next timt out.
    all these people trying to convince that there are system to win they talk bullshit

  • Alex S

    i can see an one guy win on regular base in casino.
    he waits for 4-6 times one of the dozens come up then he plays an
    opposite one by doubling in case of losing.
    he usually win about $80-100++ and his bankroll quite huge $10K.
    once he had a problem because 1 dozen come out 12 times but eventually he won back everything with 13 th bet.

  • topcop128

    Instead of using a “system”, I use a strategy that works very well. I’m playing at Rushmore Casino online and doing very well.
    Way ahead in just a short time. Not everybody loses. You just have to have the right strategy and don’t get greedy. Know when to quit for the day. I quit playing when I’ve made $100 which I do every day.

  • Eagle Claw

    I agree George. The closest that comes to a good strategy is betting less after winning and more after losing. But you should do it another way. Like bet 20. If you win you can bet 10 and if you lose you can bet 30. Then if you lose after winning you can bet either 10 or 20 because if you bet 20 and win, your win average is 20 and if you lose you lose average is 15. If you win Lose and lose you can bet 20 again or 15. Because your lose average would stay at 15 while your win average would creep down to 17.50. When I play I lump it all on odd or even. THen if I win I pick a third of the board for 2-1. I usually start with 100 bucks. I either get 600 in 2 rolls and walk away or I lose 100 bucks and walk away. I also enjoy quarter slots.

  • Sorin Soryn

    Some similar strategy I found here Another Strategy.
    I have to say..if you know when to stop you really win something more than experience..I usually stop after wining 50 dollars..i think this in enough..if you don’t know when to stop..they see that you use a scheme and you lose all your money.

  • Bruno

    There is a system that you can use, but i would only recommend it on an online casino, your not going to win a crazy amount of money using this system but its worth trying.

    visit to see the system.

  • Mihai baciucu

    Hello mate
    Can you please give me an ideea about your system?
    I am using black and red bet but is not working all the time

  • Jolem Milord

    Greetings all.

    I’ve found an Android smartphone tool that might help you to track and analyze a wheel’s activity:

    I was using this app to “guestimate” which section the ball might land in next and bet accordingly. I’ve used this program at casinos where the roulette is electronically or mechanically dealt (automated with no human croupier), and have gotten occasional favorable results. Check it out – it might be worth the $2 to you – if you win one extra spin by using it then it’s already paid for itself.

    The author also has a Baccarat scoring and analyst tool for those who prefer that game.

    I’ve also tried a few betting progression based systems with the same results – they all work – until they stop working; which is to say that nothing really makes up for common sense and gambling discipline.

    Walk away when you’re ahead or you’ll definitely end up behind. The house advantage guarantees that.