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3 big secrets casinos don’t want you to know

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They say the house always wins in the long run. And while that may be true, people flock back to casinos because they keep winning something. But casinos, online and live, tip the scales in their favor. They’re a business, just like anything else. They exist to win money.

But that doesn’t mean you can’t do a few things to improve your chances at casinos. We’ve got the top X things casinos don’t want you to know. Pay attention. It could help you improve your odds and find yourself constantly in the winner’s circle.

The big wheel is a big attraction—and a big money maker


Ever notice how at some casinos, you need to pass a bunch of wheels before you enter the table area? We’re talking about those big Wheel of Fortune type wheels. You bet on a symbol or a number (sometimes even dollar bills) and wait for the dealer to spin the wheel. If you hit the symbol, you win. They look fun—and they are. But they’re also pointless. The house edge on these games are so enormous that you’re probably better off dropping a $10 bill on the floor and waiting for it to turn into a $20 bill. It won’t happen. And that’s our point.

Some games are designed to confuse you


Take Craps for example. There’s a Big 6 or 8 bet. And there’s the number 6 and 8, both of which you can bet on in the same manner. Logically, you might assume that the Big 6 or 8 bet is a better deal. After all, it’s big right? That means big payouts, right? That means you’re going to need bigger pants with roomier pockets to fit all your winnings in, right? Nope. Wrong. Big 6 or 8 actually pays you out less than a place bet on 6 or 8. Same bet. Same outcome. Lower payouts. So tricky.

Continuous shuffle machines – They lay golden eggs


If you ever play Blackjack live, you know that one of the most painful parts of the game is sitting and waiting for the dealer to shuffle. About 10 years ago, casinos invented a continuous shuffle machine. Instead of throwing out-of-play cards in a pile, the dealer tosses them back into the machine where they get automatically reshuffled during the game. If you’re used to counting cards, these tables are awful and can actually lower your chances of winning significantly. A lot of player, even non-card counters, despised the continuous shuffle machines so much that some casinos got rid of them entirely. However, many casinos still have them, so be on the lookout and avoid them at all costs.

That’s just the start of what casinos do to tip the scales in their favor. So the next time you head to a live casino, or even play online, keep these in mind. And stay locked to our blog to learn even more secrets in the future.

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