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3 Different Casino Bonus Types Explained

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If you love to gamble, you’re probably excited about the numerous online casinos that offer gaming action around the clock. Maybe you’ve even played in a couple of them, taking in the sights and trying your luck at winning money. One thing that may be confusing is the types of bonuses online casinos offer. You want to make sure you understand as much about this free money as you can because playing on the casino’s dime is always better than playing on your own. Here are three different casino bonus types explained:


No Deposit Bonus

These bonuses are typically offered to new players to the casino in order to motivate the players to come in and try out what the casino has to offer. Most people don’t want to test out a new casino with their own money, so the casino offers them free money to come in and take a look around. Many times, these bonuses come with a time limit where it must be played or the player loses it. The player may be able to use this bonus only on certain games at some casinos. Also, many casinos require a minimum amount of play or deposits in order for the players to cash out these bonuses. No deposit of real money is required to get this bonus. Look for your No deposit bonus here – nodepositrewards

Sign Up Bonus

This is another bonus casinos offer for new players who have never signed up for play at their sites. The player is awarded a bonus in free play at the site, sometimes based on an initial deposit of real money by the player. This bonus may be a percentage of the initial deposit, such as 250%, which means the initial deposit will be matched by 250% of that amount deposited into the player’s account.

Reload Bonuses

Reload bonuses are offered for players who are loyal to the casino and make subsequent deposits after the initial real money deposit. This is an incentive for players to stay and play at the casino for a longer period of time. Some reload bonuses are based on the amount of the real money deposit. Loyal players will find these bonuses to be frequent and possibly increased in value.

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