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5 Free Bankroll Tips to Make Your Life Easier

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There are casino players. And there are smart casino players. Casino players win some and lose some. Smart casino players? They always feel like winners. That’s because they know how to take advantage of free bankroll opportunities, and they know how to maximize every cent in their casino bankroll to last all month, even when lady luck isn’t smiling. To help you become a smart casino player, we’ve put together five free bankroll tips that will make your online casino life easier and more fun.

Define your budget

Set a monthly budget and stick to it

Before you sit down to play slots or table games at an online casino, it’s important to establish your budget. For our #1 free bankroll tip, we recommend setting a monthly budget. It doesn’t matter if your casino bankroll budget is $50 or $5,000. What matters is setting it and sticking to it. Remember, not every Blackjack hand is a monster hand. And not every online slots spin nets you a jackpot. But if you promise yourself never to exceed your monthly budget, you’ll feel like a winner every month.

Keep your winnings separate from your monthly budget

Let’s say your monthly budget is $100. And let’s say, by the 4th day of the month, you’re up $400. We recommend setting that $400 aside and continuing to play exclusively with your profits. Why? Because you’ve committed the original $100 as your casino entertainment budget, so losing it won’t be such a big deal. But losing your profits can put a damper on your day. Or month.

Look your bankroll

Never bring more than half of your bankroll to the tables or slots

Need to make that casino bankroll last all month? Then never bring more than half of what you have to the tables or online slots. For example, if you log in to your online casino account and you’ve got $400 of budgeted bankroll to play with, and you want to hit the slots, bring no more than $200 to the slots. By bringing no more than half your bankroll to your casino game of choice, you’ll always have something to play with the next time you decide to play.

Take advantage of bonuses for the ultimate free bankroll

Most online casinos—at least the reputable ones—will offer you free cash to play. Why? Because they can afford to, and because they want you to experience why their software and casino offering is the best. So before you make a deposit, look for a first time deposit bonus. You can essentially score a bigger bankroll for free and play on someone else’s dime.

Facebook Contests

Participate in Facebook contests

Don’t be afraid to like your favorite online casino on Facebook. Once again, the big online casinos show their appreciation to their Facebook fans by giving away free chips, free bonuses, and more. It’s not unusual for an online casino to hold two or three free bankroll contests per week, so don’t miss out.

And yes, Prism Casino is on Facebook, too. And we’ve got all kinds of contests running. Interested? Like us and we’ll hook you up.

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