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5 Rules of Craps That Are Meant to Be Broken

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Rules of Craps

Rarely will you find an online casino telling you to break the rules of craps whether you play at an online casino or live. But that’s exactly what we’re going to do today.

Don’t worry if you’ve always been told never to break the rules of craps. Ever. We’re not talking about breaking rules that will result in you having your legs broken. We’re talking about breaking the rules of craps that most craps players follow—but that you shouldn’t.

Ignore ‘expert’ craps players when they tell you your betting strategy is wrong

When it comes to the rules of craps, some people swear by craps betting strategies. Other players will swear at you if they see you using them at the craps tables. If you find a betting strategy that works for you, break from the rules of craps experts and use it.

Don’t think of craps as a team sport

Team Sport

Craps might seem like a communal game. After all, the rules of craps pretty much say that you should cheer together, scream at the dealer together, and high five each other—together. But at the end of the day, the lovely lady standing to your left couldn’t care less how well you’re rolling, whether your stacks are stacking higher and higher, and whether you’re up a grand because of a solid hardway bet. Remember the first rule of craps—it’s played individually. And the lovely lady to your left could potentially bet against you if you’re the shooter. She doesn’t care if you win or lose—unless you’re married to her (and even then, that’s debatable).

Don’t take another craps’ player’s word as gospel

Again, this goes back to the rule of craps that says the game is not a team sport. Traditionally, craps players listen to other craps players. If someone who seems more experienced tells you to move your drink back from the table, don’t automatically assume that that’s the rule. Talk to the dealers first. They know the rules. You might not be breaking them. You might just be making a superstitious craps player uncomfortable. And that’s his problem, not yours.

Don’t bet with the dice shooter, just because she’s good looking

Dice Shooter

Way too many single guys follow one of the rules of craps that says you should bet with the dice shooter to make her feel good. We can’t stress this enough. It’s cool to bet against her. She might be insulted, but chances are you’ll never see her again.

Don’t just tip the dealer when you’re winning

It’s customary for gamblers to tip the dealer when they win a big hand or score big money. But what about players who are losing? What do the rules of craps say about tipping etiquette for non-winners? Should they hand the dealer a chip? Most don’t. But we think they should. Gambling is a form of entertainment. Just like going out to a restaurant, you should tip your craps dealer if they’re doing a good job. If you’d rather not tip, stay home and play online craps instead.

That’s it for our five rules of craps that are worth breaking. Got one more? Hit us up with a comment and share it.

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