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5 Slot Machine Secrets to Help You Win

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From the second you walk in a Casino, you’re bombarded with the sights and sounds of people winning and enjoying their time playing slots. Blaring sirens, flashing lights, and the jingle of coins dropping like there’s a never ending supply of them are the background to the theme. But these aren’t just for show. These are the sights and sounds of real people actually winning. So what are their slot machine secrets? What do they know that you don’t? And we are about to answer these questions…

Seek for the Highest Paying Machines


Playing on a highest paying machine is one of those things that will bring you closer to the winning. The payout rate for slot machines is on average between 83% and 99%. 96% is quite a good deal to start with. These are called loose slot machines and they are much more profitable for you than the rest and actually harder to find as well.

Bribing Is Not As Bad As You Think It Is!


Inquiring casino employees is quite useful. Ask them where the best slot machines are located (in this case, best means the loosest). The fact is that they have info on that kind of stuff but will not be willing to disclose it just like that. You can offer them part of your winnings from that exact machine or just be friendly and tip them well.

Go for Maximum!


For best pay outs you should insert maximum coins that are possible. If the machine has maximum play of 3 coins, do not hold back and get all 3 in it. The point is to have as many coins as it is possible on a single pull. You may be worrying about your bankroll, but your chances are increased this way.

Set Profit Aside


Once you win some money, you can lock it up at least to cover for your initial playing stakes. This way you will avoid being in loss. As a result, you can play with a certain percentage of your winnings and a sure feeling that you will not be walking away as a complete loser.

Go With Your Gut!


Sometimes you just get a feeling that something good is going to happen exactly while playing on that exact slot machine; if that is the case, you can follow your intuition from time to time. After all, it is the fun that you are playing for and it is always better to regret something you did, than something you did not do! Despite all the slot machine secrets or rules you might follow, sometimes letting your intuition overrule everything is the best call.

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