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6 Fascinating Facts about Random Number Generators

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Those who enjoy playing slot machines online or at land based casinos would surely like to know what the heart and brain of it all is, or wouldn’t they?

Most of you have probably heard the term “Random Number Generator”. If yes, then you already know the answer to the question mentioned above. Random Number Generator is what upholds the fairness of the games. Also known as RNG, Random Number Generator sets high standard of credibility for the online casinos and promotes legitimate online gambling in general. While majority has some idea of RNG, there are still lots of myths and misconceptions about it. In order to clear them up, we will tell you 6 fascinating facts about Random Number Generators.


There is absolutely nothing you can do about it!

There is no way you or any other internal or external factor can have an influence on RNG, especially at the online casinos; Random Number Generators are programmed in recorded software and even the casinos themselves are neither allowed nor able to manipulate the program.

RNGs would love to see you win!

Random Number Generators are not against you when it comes to winning. They continuously produce winning combinations even when no one is actually playing. So, it does not matter how much coins you put in a slot machine or what kind of credits you play, it is all about hitting the button in a right moment.


There is still a consistency!

Even though the name itself says that number generators at the online casinos are completely random, you will still notice certain consistency if you observe the output overtime. That is what determines whether the machine is loose or tight.

Constant Monitoring

The performance of Random Number Generators is constantly subject to testing; special regulating body takes care of that. The online casinos are monitored with the same attention to make sure that their RNGs did not undergo any alterations.


Everyone is in a winning position with RNGs!

Another fascinating fact about Random Number Generators is that it is equally profitable for both, the casinos and the players. RNGs are designed in a manner that it provides advantages for everyone.

There are common standards for Random Number Generators

Every single RNG, no matter if you are playing online or offline, has been tested and certified in compliance with the state’s or certain territory’s standards. One of the common standards include setting minimum winnings and paybacks and sticking to them.

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