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A list of 5 easy card games you can play today

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As a kid I have fond memories of sitting around the kitchen table playing card games with the family. During holidays we would all gather in the kitchen and play games for hours on end. These were all easy games to learn that anyone could play with only a short introduction.

If you would like to start a new family tradition of playing cards or just want to learn a new game to pass the time with some friends we have a list of 5 easy card games anyone can play.


Rummy was the most played game in my family and it’s one of the more popular, games around. Its rules are simple and easy to learn.

You are dealt 7 cards at the beginning and there is a community pile that you draw from. Your goal is to make three of a kind or more of each card value. You can also make small straights of 3 or more as well. For example: You can lay down a book if it holds three 5’s and you can also lay down a book if it contains: T J Q of the same suit. If you pick up a card such as a K of the same suit, you can add it to the pile also. The same goes for three of a kind. If you pick a 5, you can add it to the 5’s you already laid down.

You want to try and get rid of all your cards so that your opponents will lose points. All cards lower than ten count as 5. Tens and face cards count as 10 and Aces count as 15. You get points by adding up the cards you have laid down and lose points according to the ones you have in your hand once someone goes out. There are many variations on the game, but basic rummy is the easiest to learn.


This classic has been around for centuries and is a game you can play by yourself. It comes on just about every computer these days and can be played for free on many sites. I’m sure everyone has played this game at some point and knows the rules. There are variations of this game as well, such as spider solitaire and free cell.

Texas Hold ‘Em

This is my favorite game and is the most popular gambling card game in the world. Its rules are easy. You want to make the best hand to beat your opponents. Regular poker hand rankings apply. The beauty of the game is that the player can bluff and really take advantage of their opponents by being attentive to their tendencies.

Go Fish

We all know this game and have played it at some point in our lives. It’s a classic that should never be forgotten and can still be fun regardless of how old you are.

Slap Jacks

You may not have heard of this one, but it’s a very simple yet extremely fun game to play. It can be played with only 2 people making it a great way to pass some time with a friend while waiting or just bored.

You deal out all the cards to everyone playing at the start. You cannot look at any of your cards! The first person to go lays down a card in the middle. The only card you need to look for is a Jack. If the card being laid down is a jack, you try to be the first person to slap your hand on the cards in the middle. The last person to hit the cards gets them all.

The goal is to get rid of all your cards. You can also slap the cards in the middle if the same two cards are laid down right after another. For example: You lay down and 8 and the next person lays down an 8. You can slap the deck as well.

These are just a few of the many easy and fun card games you can learn to play. There are countless others that can be just as simple. What about you? What are your favorite games to sit around and play at home?

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