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Annoying Things that Ruin Casinos

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Land based casinos have been around since man figured out that rolling bones on the ground would be best done indoors. Casinos can offer you a shot of big payouts and fun times, but there are at LEAST 5 annoying things that can ruin your casino experience.

#1 Bad Customer Service


There’s nothing more annoying than horrible customer service. When you visit a casino and prepare to lay down your hard earned cash for a few games of chance, the casino personnel should treat you like royalty. They should provide you with clean facilities, good food and beverages, and honest and fair game play. If your expectations aren’t met, they should kiss your butt and apologize. Poor customer service is a dirty or poorly maintained casino, horrible food or service, and unfair or restricted game play. Don’t put up with that. Leave and never look back!

#2 Poor Game Selection


Depending on where you live or where the casino is located, you might find that the casino of choice is lacking in the game variety department, is not always possible to wow customer with a huge selection of games. Local and state governments regulate gambling and gaming licenses in order to maximize their take percentage and minimize the risks to the communities. Because the government must sign off on each game in the casino, many casinos are limited in the games they can offer their guests and the variety might be compromised.

#3 Obnoxious Players


One of the most annoying things that can ruin the casino experience for ANYONE is obnoxious players. No one wants to sit at a table with a loud and/or rude player. No one wants to hear your long winded stories or listen to your grind your teeth or watch you pick your nose or make out with your flavor of the week. Just play the game, keep your mouth shut, and use a tissue for heaven’s sake!

#4 Big Brother


While casino security is there to keep you safe as much as protect the casino’s assets, it can become bothersome to be watched no matter where you go. You can play your favorite games happily while being watched by the eye in the sky, but the annoyance comes with the people behind the cameras mistake something you’re doing innocently as an attempt to cheat. There’s nothing quite like reaching for a Tic Tac in your pocket one second and then being forcibly escorted from the premises the next.

#5 Smoke Stank on your Clothes


There are some land based casinos that do not allow smoking but they are rare. If you aren’t a smoker and you venture into your local casino, chances are that you will leave smelling like the ashtray your table mates were using to snuff out their butts (cigarette that is).

Casinos are fun, flashy, and exciting, but there are many things about them that can really ruin the casino experience. Why put yourself through the ugliness of land based casinos when you can skip the annoyances and just play all of your favorite casino games online at Prism Casino?

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