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Do Roulette Strategies Really Work?

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There’s a bigger debate happening around the roulette wheel than whether to bet on red or black, even or odd. Eavesdrop on any roulette wheel and you’ll hear roulette players debating the value and merits of roulette strategies. Some people swear by them. “This roulette strategy is fool proof”, you’ll hear roulette players boast. And just as often as people brag about their winning roulette strategies, you’ll hear other people call BS on them. “It’s all about luck,” they say. “No roulette strategy can guarantee a win.” And maybe they’re right. But we say if you find a roulette strategy that works, we go for it. If you’re making money by using a roulette strategy, why not stick to it? But if you’re looking for a roulette strategy that’s a sure bet, it pays to do some research first. If you’re new to roulette and looking for an easy to understand roulette strategy, we recommend starting with outside bets. On a roulette board, you’ll find 36 numbers, alternating between red and black. You’ll also find a single zero and a double zero at the top. When you place chips down on specific numbers, that’s call betting on the inside.You can also choose to bet on even/odd, red/black, or whether the number selected will fall on the first 12 numbers, the second 12 numbers, or the 3rd 12 numbers. That’s called betting on the outside. We recommend starting with the outside first to test your roulette strategy. The one we’ll talk about today is called D’Alembert. This roulette strategy is all about lower and raising your bet based on your performance. Basically, you start with a bet—let’s say $10. Each time you lose, you increase your bet by one. Each time you win, you decrease it by one. So, for the D’Alembert roulette strategy, we recommend coming to the casino table with a $200 bankroll. Drop $10 and play the outside. If you lose the first $10, your next bet should be $11. If you lose again, your next bet should be $12. If you win, the following bet should be $11. Win—lower your next bet by $1. Lose—raise it by $1. There are lots more roulette strategies to explore for whose who love to play casino games, but particularly roulette—and we’ll take a look at many of them over the next few months. If you’ve found a roulette strategy that you love, go ahead and comment on this post. We’d love to hear about it.

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