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Forming an Advantage Gaming Team

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Playing to an advantage at casino games is a worthy endeavor. Different than the common belief, advantage play is a legal practice at most of

the casinos. Advantage players are not cheater but rather they hone sharpest edge they can. After engaging in casino play for a while, the

diligent player will experience some success as the law of large numbers begins to kick in. At some point the bankroll will expand and the player will become known as an Advantage gambler. Different than the common belief, advantage play is a legal method at the casino. When this happens the player needs to adapt the strategy to continue playing. The why and how are the two objectives for the remainder of the text. The first question is: Why should you do it?

At blackjack, any advantage gaming team, has one objective and that is to play more hands. When you do this you increase your total hourly rate, or win per hour. For example, if a player is playing to a rate of $25 per hour solo, a team of 10 players, playing with the same strategy will earn $250 per hour. This is because the group is playing more hands and increasing the rate at which the standard deviation surpasses the expected value.

Another benefit of forming an advantage gaming team is the option of combining bankrolls. Instead of one person playing with a $15k bankroll ($20 dollar unit), using the 10 person team example, each providing $15K the bankroll becomes $150K with a $200 unit. Even the most mathematically inept of us know that 1% of a big number is larger than 1% of a small number.

The multitude of people allows the group to implement team play. Using team play the players can play low levels $5 or $10 dollars a hand playing_cards_witJokerwhen counts are unfavorable and signal the “Big Player” to come in and play at higher levels. Combing the higher unit play with the greater number of hands per hour you linearly increase your hourly rate by a factor greater than 10 because you are playing unfavorable hands at very low levels and favorable levels at high levels. You can further increase your win rate by having your team members back count- counting without playing, and then call in other teammates when a good count arises.

As stated the benefits of forming a team are numerous, but the more appropriate question is how does one form an advantage gaming team? The first step is finding like-minded people. If your friends and family are anything like mine than they look at you with a look of bewilderment when you explain what you are doing. And the standard response is you can’t beat the casinos. Finding like-minded people can be a challenge. But where there is a will there is a way.


The internet has made finding people with similar goals and in turn forming an advantage gaming team fairly straight forward. There are several internet gaming forums where people can discuss advantage gaming approaches. Some of these rooms have a private members only section, where the members have been screened by moderators to ensure that they are not affiliated with any casino. In general terms the website forums have members who have been on the message board for a long time and are naturally skeptical of new comers. It is a good idea to start of slow contributing to conversations and then creating your own topics. After awhile you will gain the trust of other players and then can inquire about starting or joining a team. After joining a team you and your crew can practice online playing against a live dealer at an online casino. A lot of casinos in the internet offers the option to play a large variety of casino games just like in a land casino through a live camera’s feed. Live casinos are the closest option to a bricks and mortar casino.

The next step is organizing weekly meetings to discuss strategy. In these meetings players can work out of the details of the organization. These details include a variety of organizational aspects. These include payout structure; when and how much each player/manager will make, checkout procedures and general expectations of each player. One of the most important aspects of team play is extensive record keeping. All of the conclusions should all be written down in a team manual for easy reference.

Establishing a bankroll is probably the most difficult task. Every person is ready to go until it comes time to hand over the money. The best way to approach this is for each person to contribute an equal amount into the bank roll. This way each person has equal stake in the organization. Handing over several thousands of dollars to one person is never an easy endeavor. Again modern technology has made things easier. By establishing a bank account that is accessible via the internet all investors can view the funds and compare them with the records to make sure the two coincide.

When your funds have been acquired and all players have been cleared to play through checkout procedures you can plan your first trip. The logistics of this can be complex specifically when teammates live in different states. This is where the team manager earns their 10%. Coordinating flights and rooms takes a lot of effort. And the first couple of trips it will be costly, however after the initial cost on the first few trips, rooms are almost always given to players who play at a $100 average bet. This will cut down on your cost extensively
When on a trip it is a good idea to mix up who the big player is. This way it limits the exposure of each team member. This approach prolongs the life of each player. And the longer you play the more you can make. Also team members can engage in off-setting play. This means that one player can bet red and another can bet black on roulette, or one player can bet pass while the other bets don’t pass on craps. This will give the illusion that you are a true gambler and you will lose almost nothing but gain a lot of comp points.

Forming a team is a complex task. This article is intended to give a taste of the benefits and challenges of the task. There is no doubt lots of other things will come up during the process of team formation and the best way to do handle those is a pragmatically. The rewards reaped are definitely worth the effort.