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Free Chips From Online Casinos: Deal or No Deal?

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How do you know if you’re a big casino gaming junkie? Simple: Your eyes light up at the sight of a neat poker table or the buzzing and shiny of slot machines. The sound of a spinning roulette wheel and the ruckus from an eager crowd move you more than music ever could. The maze of games at a casino always feels like home to you, despite the chaos of chatter and cheers, and there’s no denying that simple gestures from the casino staff—such as being offered complimentary drinks or being handed free casino chips—spell love.

But then, there’s real life to contend with. What if your day job gets in the way? What if there’s too little time, or perhaps too little courage or cash for that plane ticket to every gambler’s Disneyland, Las Vegas?

The joy is closer than you think


Well, you can always head over to a smaller, less popular casino to get your quick gaming fix, but if that proves to be a tad inconvenient, then all you really need to invest in are a computer and good Internet connection.

Now, casino gaming fanatics have the Internet to thank; gaming websites have been on the rise, giving gamblers the opportunity to play their favorite games without cramping their style. While online casinos may not entirely simulate the real experience to a T, they allow players the opportunity to relive the rush of playing and, possibly, winning, too.

Tons and tons of free chips? Are they really free?


You might think that the absence of live interaction make online casino games easier to deal with and safer to do, but that isn’t always the case. Take free chips for instance. In real life, casinos make use of matchplay offers instead of handing out chips for free.

Chips, which are used in place of cash for games, are bought for a certain price. Online, many flashing ads and fancy signs promise free chips in exchange of a deceivingly simple favor from the player: Just get a friend to sign on. Just click on a link. Just answer a survey. It’ll take less than five minutes. Play another game for free chips. Deposit a certain amount of money for free chips. Like a page on Facebook for free chips. Just retrieve a code. Just give us your name, contact details and credit card info. Spend on a promotion to get more chips for free. Join the VIP program.

These are just some of the many efforts online casinos make to get players try on their games. While some may make valid and true claims, many of these signs are hoaxes, luring players into precarious situations that may compromise their online identities, bank or credit card accounts and more, which, eventually, could ruin their lives and relationships.

While gambling has never been a safe hobby, there are still ways to enjoy it within the boundaries of safety and responsibility. When gambling online, make sure you only patronize sites that are scam- or hoax-free. Be smart and be careful. Use the Internet as a source to find ways to avoid getting cheated online, and look for lists of suspicious sites to steer clear of. Always remember philosopher John Dewey’s words, “Luck, bad if not good, will always be with us, but it has a way of favoring the intelligent and showing its back to the stupid.”

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