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Funny Blackjack Stories

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If you’re a gambler, then you know that our casino world is filled with funny stories of mistakes that people make, especially when they’re starting to play a game. It’s always fun to talk about these funny stories and why not? Have a laugh. In my experience, both poker and blackjack are the two games where books could be written on these funny stories.

For this post, I stuck with blackjack and asked for two personal stories and found one in the web, that I really thought was worth sharing with you. Come on, let’s have a laugh together.

The Chip That Wasn’t Hers


“At a little charity casino which was pretty sleazy, a woman says she bet $100. She was playing one spot and losing so she decided to start playing 2 spots when the guy besides her got up and left. She put her chip on his spot when he turned around and took her chip. He thought it was his and thought he forgot to grab it. When she told him in a nice way it was hers, he snapped and called her a thief. The whole table was trying to explain to him what had happened. The security guards came over and the dealer told them what had happened. However, the guy kept insisting that the chip was his. Long story short, when they all saw the cameras, the guards explained to him what happened.

The funny part was that he was playing green and she had a tiger. Afterwards, he bought her a beer with sort of a shameful face. When the game started, she lost, which in a way proved to her that the chip didn’t want to be part of her.”

Two Men – One Same Luck


“A man was sitting down at a table and the only open spot was 3rd base. As he was sitting down and waiting for the next shoe, he was watching the guy in 1st base lose hand after hand. Every hand, he would hit the table, and go into convulsions and complain about how terrible this was. Then, as the session went on, he noticed that there was an older woman sitting in the third position, and she played basic strategy about 90% of the time, but that other 10% was a killer! She would do stuff like hit a 15 against a dealer 4. As the night progressed, another woman finally took the second position next to her and she played even worse! When she had a 3 card 12 against a dealer 4 and she hit, the woman in position 3 threw a major fit! She refused to play the next hand because she was so upset at this other woman’s play. Thanks to her sitting that hand out, both this man and the guy sitting to him in the 5th position, were dealt blackjacks.”

Secret Earnings


A man went to Las Vegas together with his friends and he won more than a hundred thousand of dollars. He doesn’t want anyone including his friends to know about his big winning until he decides to come back home taking a plane. He made a hole at his yard and then buried his winning money there. The next day, he saw that the hole is empty and then his money is gone. He thought of the deaf man as a prime suspect for the lost money. He went to a professor who just happened to live nearby the place because this professor knows how to do sign language.

Man: Kindly tell the deaf man to tell me where he placed all my money or I will kill him now! –

The professor performs the sign language and tells the deaf man about what the man is implying.

Deaf man: I have hidden all the money under my cherry tree. –

The professor says to the man that according to the deaf man, he would just die than telling you where he has placed all the money.

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