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Gambling Reverse Scam: clever or convoluted?

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Casinos, since they came into existence, have had countless people try to scam them or rip them off in one way or another. Scams have ranged from the most idiotic harebrained scam that gets discovered before the scammer even steps away from the table all the way up to the most ingenious scams that do not even get deciphered before it is much too late. Some of these scammers have gone down in history as legends. One of these casino scamming legends is Richard Marcus, made famous for his great “Savannah” scam.

This scam took the whole concept of scamming and flipped it over, and hence the “reverse scam” was born. Reverse scams are basically psychological scams that make the victims believe the opposite of what is going on. The victim is led to believe that he or she is either cheating the scammer or is part of a scam when in reality he or she is the victim. Richard Marcus, after concocting the “Savannah” scam, dedicated himself to concocting reverse scams such as this. After retiring from the scamming game, he revealed all his secrets to the world in various ways and through various forms of media. On a blog of his he posted about another reverse scam that in his own words “the greatest ‘reverse’ casino scam [he had] ever heard…and done.”

The Plot


The scam must take place at a big baccarat table. According to Marcus, a mini baccarat table will not work. To be honest, I had a hard time understanding how it works, but I’ll try to explain it the best I can. It seems to involve another player who unsuspectingly believes is part of the scam, but is actually the one being scammed. That player is told that they are going to scam the casino for hundreds of thousands of dollars by obtaining credit from the casino by signing gambling markers at the table.

The victim is tricked with a fake name (that fake ID was also used to acquire the credit), and told that he needs a large amount of cash to be able to acquire the credit from the casino. The trick is that the credit is already being processed as the scammer tells this story because he placed money in what is called the casino cage. Since baccarat has to wager types that can cancel each other out (player and banker), the scammer tells the victim to bet almost equal to his bets but on the opposite side. For example, the scammer bets $3,000 on the player and the victim bets $2,850 on the banker. Basically the victim finances the whole scam.

After the scammer has bet between $30,000 and $50,000 in chips, he has a couple of cohorts dressed in suits looking like casinos detectives come up to him and tell him to come with them. This is supposed to scare the victim, and he will most likely leave the casino and go to the room the scammers set up for him. At this point, there is a knock on the door, and the same two “detectives” flash fake FBI badges and interrogates the victim about the scammer whom they are now aggressively searching for. This person, because of the fear of being connected to the scam, forgets for a moment all about the money he or she has lost, which actually he or she hasn’t even realized is lost yet.



Finally, the victim receives a call from the scammer telling him that he managed to escape the FBI but he cannot return to Vegas. He also says the money was confiscated by the FBI. That’s how it works, supposedly.

In my opinion, not only is this ridiculously complicated, but it is unbelievably dishonest and dirty, not to mention unimaginably illegal. Richard Marcus says in his blog that he performed this stunt. It is shocking that he can say this outright and not get in any kind of trouble. So, then, the conclusion is reverse scams, especially this one, are just not worth risking your freedom.

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