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Important Things you Learn Playing Slot Machines

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There’s a reason that slots have grown in popularity by massive leaps and bounds over the past few decades: they’re fun! Whether it’s the ever-present possibility of winning a huge jackpot, the fully-personalized gaming experience that moves at the player’s choice of pace or just the atmosphere provided with all of the dinging and flashing lights, the appeal of the one-armed bandit is beyond compare.

However, all of that fun usually comes at a price. Forget about skills and strategies, winning at slots is all about luck and luck alone. That’s why most people who play the slots will lose. That’s also a part of the important lessons that slot machines have to teach. Let’s take a closer look at a few things that you might learn during your time at the slot bank.


All Slot Machines are Random

Sure, back in the day, you may have been able to develop some special strategy to overcome the edge on mechanical slots. Those days are now over. Today’s slot machines use electronic random number generators that are impossible to beat without engaging in some shady, probably illegal business.

The RNG Never Stops

The computer chip inside of slot machines generates numbers constantly. Right now, every slot on the Vegas strip is thinking up random numbers with no end in sight, even when no one is playing. While this further demonstrates the randomness of winning at a slot machine, it also eliminates the practicality of slot lurkers. Standing behind other players hoping for them to lose doesn’t make sense if dozens of random numbers are generated between the player’s last spin and your first spin.


Malfunction Junction

Hitting the jackpot isn’t a no-questions-asked ticket to a bigger bankroll. In fact, casinos are legally permitted to deny you a jackpot payout if they decide that a malfunction caused the win. In other words, if you’re thinking of tampering with a machine to land a jackpot win, it’s not even worth your time.

Slot Players Rule

Slot machines make up the majority of the gaming floor at most casinos, and this means that slot players serve as the backbone of casinos’ financial success. For this reason, they are highly sought after by casino management teams.


Not Created Equal

Playing a lower denomination slot machine may seem like a good way to keep your gambling in check, but it’s also a good way to ensure more losses. While nickel slots are commonly set at 85-90 percent payback, five dollar slots are usually set at 95-98 percent. This difference can have a major impact on your time at the casino.

Skip the Jackpots

The simple fact is that hitting one of those glitzy jackpots is incredibly unlikely. In fact, very few people lay claim to these life-changing sums. Instead, aim for machines with generous secondary wins in order to earn more success on your next casino visit. Cherries, double and triple pay symbols could indicate good machines.

Slot machines have plenty of lessons to teach players. Pay close attention during your next casino visit, and you may find out a tip or two that could change the way you look at the one-armed bandit for good.

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