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Myth or Strategy: Unmasking player rituals to win at slots

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Players will do some strange things while playing their favorite casino games. It’s become sort of a cult as to what gamblers do just to try and push lady luck in their way. These rituals range from the comical to the plain weird and sometimes creepy.

While most of these little nuances are harmless, it’s an interesting and curious fact of casinos and gambling. Players will do almost anything if they believe it will help them win. It’s not unlike sports players who believe by doing certain rituals they will perform better. There was once a player who never changed his jock strap if they won a game. I’d hate to be the player who had a locker next to him is all I have to say about that.

So what can you do to help swing the tides of fortune in your favor?

Lucky Clothing

Some gamblers start before they reach the casinos by putting their “Lucky” piece of clothing. This could be anything from a sweater given to them by a favorite relative or some piece of jewelry they feel is good luck. This habit is most likely due to a player winning at one time and they probably had a certain piece of clothing on. This obviously makes some people believe that if they wear this item each time they play at their favorite favorite online slot machines.

Lucky Charms

This is almost the same as clothing except with a few and often times strange twists. We’ve all seen the rabbit’s foot, but in today’s world, you will see some strange charms that are believed to create good fortune. For many this is the equivalent of an effective slot machine strategy. It’s not uncommon to see a casino patron sitting at a table with pictures of loved ones, a gift given to them by a child or even a lucky troll doll.

Sometimes they rub the chips or cards with these lucky charms and hope the luck rubs off and makes them a winner. When they win, they owe it all to the charms and when they lose, it was because they didn’t have it placed right or didn’t use it in the proper way.


This one is my favorite as you will witness some of the most hilarious acts of superstitious players. This can almost be mistaken for OCD which makes people do certain habits over and over until they feel right about it. Slots players are notorious for this as you will see players hit the buttons in a special way, rub the screen and much more.

It’s borderline mental and can be an entertaining site, but never interrupt a player when they are in the middle of their ritual. You will be blamed for their misfortunes and never hear the end of it. Share with us your rituals or lucky items that you feel brings good luck. Or maybe you have a funny story about someone you saw in a casino that was doing something strange for luck.

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