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No Rules vs. Rules Bonus Codes

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If you thought that this month’s big promotions were as good as it gets, you wouldn’t get any arguments from us! Put simply, Prism offers some of the best deals you’ll find anywhere. While you really can’t go wrong with any of the bonuses, it’s still important to understand the basic details of the various codes on offer. For example, did you know that the guidelines for how promotional deals can be used vary based on the type of code you choose? That’s where the rules come into play! Let’s take a closer look at the primary differences between rules and no rules bonus codes.

No Rules Bonus Codes


What these deals lack in bonus percentage they more than make up for in freedom to win. These codes feature no limit on how much you can win. By eliminating cash-out restrictions, you’re free to take down the house to the fullest of your abilities with no worries of a cap. They’re also free from playthrough restrictions.

When you feel like you’ve won enough, you’re always free to take your money and run with these special deals. Remember to read the specific rules for the deal of your choice before making a deposit, as the games for which each code is valid may be different. Generally, however, slots and keno are fair game for nearly any promotion.

Rules Bonus Codes


If you prefer a bigger boost to your bankroll, you’ll need to sacrifice your no rules lifestyle for one of these slightly more structured offers. These codes normally feature a playthrough restriction in order to ensure that you use the bonus cash in the casino, as well as max cash-out limits. While max cash-out limits may seem like a real downer, it’s important to consider that these bonuses can sometimes exceed 600 percent of your deposit! Even with a limit, you’ll still have ample opportunity to bring home some serious cash with these huge deals. As with no rules bonus codes, these promotions are normally valid only for a selection of games, so it’s important to review the details of the code before making a deposit. With that out of the way, however, they can provide your bankroll with a serious boost.

Now that you know the difference between a no rules bonus code and a promotion with rules, you’re ready to get your big gaming adventure started. Whichever offer you decide to apply to your next deposit, you can put your mind at ease knowing that there are no wrong choices with Prism Casino. Whether you prefer the huge percentage bonuses of the rule variations or the ultimate freedom of the no rules choices, every promotion at Prism offers players with an unrivaled opportunity to cash in on unbelievable winnings. So, are you ready to get on your way to a bigger bankroll? If so, navigate to our promotions page and find the offer that’s best for you. With a little luck, it will be the first step towards a profitable experience at the world’s best online casino!

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