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Roulette Systems to Help You Win

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There’s a lot of garbage on the Internet, pages that promote an instant way to master winning roulette strategies in a few days or hours. With one Google search, you’ll come across dozens and dozens of roulette systems being pimped as the surefire way to become a millionaire.

The only person you’re going to make rich is the dude running the website. Roulette, like most casino games, requires a hand from Lady Luck. Lots of people win big money playing online roulette and playing roulette in land-based casinos. And we’re willing to bet it all on red that they didn’t pay $39.95 to some random guy with a poorly designed website to learn how.

So how are these people winning? How are so many people winning at roulette online? How are so many people cheering around the roulette tables in Vegas?

Well, it’s part luck, and it partly involves roulette systems. We’re not talking about “surefire” roulette systems that you have to pay for. We’re talking about smart roulette systems that anyone can apply—for free. So today, we’re bringing you a few systems that you can immediately apply to start winning at the roulette wheel.

Double Color

In this roulette system, you pick a color and you stick with it. Every time your color doesn’t come up, you double your bet. You keep doubling your bet until you win. Once you win, you switch to the other color, and you start back at your original bet. This roulette system isn’t a surefire way to win, but watch what happens if you lose seven bets in a row: 1+2+4+8+16+32+64=$127

Seems pretty disappointing, right? Losing seven spins in a row doesn’t make for a great roulette system. But watch what happens on the eighth bet. By now, you’ve lost $127. But since your last bet was $64, the system tells you to throw down $128. You’ve now dropped $255 on the table since starting. But if your color comes up, your $128 that’s sitting on red will be matched by an identical stack. So technically, you’ve now got $256 in your hand. And since you’ve only lost $255, you’re now up $1. Even after seven losses in a row and only one win, you’ve managed to net a profit.

Now keep in mind, a lot of roulette tables will have a limit. That means you might have to stop doubling once you’ve reached $200 or $300. But the good news is, the chances of losing eight or nine spins in a row are rare, unless you’re completely unlucky, in which case you should consider our next system. Above all, remember that Roulette is a game of luck, like most casino games.

Play for Free

Winning at roulette

You can’t lose money if you’re not playing for real cash. So rather than drop a few hundred at the casino testing out a roulette system that might not work, play for free online at home. Once you’re comfortable, switch to real money.Yeah, this is one roulette system that won’t make you any money. But it’s one roulette system where you can’t lose.

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