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Should You Hedge Your Bets?

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The practice of hedging bets means that a gamer is protecting one wager while making another. For instance, if a player places a bet on one outcome and then places a bet on the opposing outcome, that player has hedged his or her bets and is guaranteed a win no matter which outcome occurs. Many players who hedge their bets see the bets as a type of insurance against losses. In some cases, this precaution may pay off. However, thought this may sound like a comforting way to gamble without taking on all the risk, however, it may not be a sound gaming practice for long run playing.


Spending More on Initial Wagers

When you hedge your bets, you’re paying for your initial bet and the insurance bet. This is two different wagers, when the first wager was obviously the one you thought would yield the most profit.

Is that Bet the Best Choice?

It wouldn’t be very profitable to make initial bets that don’t seem productive in the first place. If you have a need to wager against an initial bet as insurance, you probably should have considered the initial wager more carefully.

Hedging Eats into your Winnings

You’ll pay commissions on the insurance bet, just as you will on the initial bet. If you take that amount and place it into the original bet, your profit would be greater. The amount you pay for a hedge bet will be higher than the amount for the initial wager. This means the insurance bet will cost you more on the front end.

Is it Worth the Profit?

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