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The Best Blackjack Tournament Strategy for New Players

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Second to poker, Blackjack is the most popular table game in American casinos. Because the thrill of winning a Blackjack tournament is such a high, millions of people flock to casinos to try their hands and put their money on the line. Unfortunately, Blackjack isn’t an easy game to play despite what the movies portray, and out of those millions of Blackjack newbies, hundreds of thousands (or more) go home empty handed and discouraged.

We at Prism Casino care about our members and we want to provide you with all the information you need to play Blackjack and win – even if you win against us.

Here are a few Blackjack tournament strategies you should try

Choose your Approach


When it comes to playing in a Blackjack tournament there are two approaches that usually get the job done. The conservative approach means that you make small bets and stock up chips slowly. Because this method is so useful, many people take on this approach which can make strategy all the more necessary to win.

The aggressive approach means that you play fast and hard and stockpile chips faster than the other players. While this does potentially get you the most chips it can also make you lose faster and harder than the other players.

The best bet is to create a well-blended mixture of both approaches. Play slow and easy in the beginning, and once you’ve learned the flow of the game, hit it fast and hard for a few hands – then slow it down again. Keep the other players on the edge.

Learn Risk Management


One of the most important Blackjack tournament strategies for new players is to learn when to bet small and maximize the worth of your bet, and when to bet big and go for the win. You should wait for the button to pass before you consider a large bet. This allows you to see the bets of all of the other players before you place your own. With this strategy, you can bet just enough money to lead without risking any additional chips.

Play Smart


Playing smart isn’t a Blackjack tournament strategy as much as it is just plain commonsense. Players who’ve never played the game before, or who have only played a few games here or there should probably consider playing a few dozen more games before heading to the tournament table. Prism Casino is the premier online Blackjack source. Play in any one of our Blackjack rooms, learn the game, and gain the skills and confidence you need to play in the tournaments.

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