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The Ultimate Casino Games Odds Calculator

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Everyone loves playing casino games. From the thrill of winning to the social and inviting atmosphere that surrounds them. However, for most newcomers and even those who are seasoned, it can be difficult to calculate odds and determine how much you will win.

Each specific game and every bet will have unique odds that will be the basis of your payout. For example, a bet on red at the Roulette table will pay odds of 2:1. This is one of the easier payouts to calculate, but most are much trickier. If you’re not a math major, using an odds calculator will help you greatly to figure out how much you will win on your bets.

First let’s figure out how to calculate odds to better understand what they mean. As stated above, the odds on a bet will dictate how much you will be paid if you win. Using the Roulette example of 2:1 odds and assuming we place a bet of $10, we now use simple math to determine our winnings.

The first number in the odds is how many times you multiply your initial bet. You take 2x$10 and come up with $20. The ending amount is how much you win on that specific bet. So, if we are getting 10:1 odds on a bet we will win? Take 10 x the $10 bet and we get $100. The higher the odds the more we win.

Now, there will be bets that lay odds in awkward to calculate amounts, such as 3:2. The action at tables can be very fast paced and doing the math in your head with these odds can be a bit overwhelming all while trying to keep track of what’s going. This is where an odds calculator will help you out.

To use the odds calculator you simply enter in the odds you are being given on your bet and hit enter. Sound too good to be true? Well, it really is that easy and within milliseconds you will have your answer. Here is a link to one of the better and easier odds calculators to use while playing casino games on the internet.

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