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Top 5 Misconceptions of the Blackjack Player

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Blackjack is a huge favorite at both land-based casinos and online casinos. If you are one of these people that love to play Blackjack for fun, you may begin to gather a bunch of opinions about the game that might prove to be untrue. Believe it or not, these misconceptions may get in the way of having a good shot at success in the game. It is important to make sure these misconceptions are recognized a as misconceptions and blocked as ideas that may hinder you. Let us take a moment to review the top 5 wrong impressions casual Blackjack players tend to have.

#1 The house always wins


Any player that uses the card counting strategy will tell you that this is not necessarily true. Even if you are not counting cards, any solid and efficient basic Blackjack strategy can give a player a solid chance at beating the house. You get closer to breaking even in your games with the house just as with any non-counting strategy. You should keep in mind, though, when you are playing that these systems are best for short-term play. The so-called “long run” is actually, and should be, a series of short runs. Everything is possible. Just as the house can end up beating even the most capable players, it can have its bad days.

#2 Card counting is illegal


This is most definitely not true. Though card counting has been sort of tabooed and may meet with disdain from casino personnel, it is most definitely not illegal. Blackjack is truly a game of skill – up there with poker – you would only be applying a higher level of skill and strategy to the game. It is possible that you may get asked to leave a land-based casino, but this would only be on the grounds of their right to refuse anyone they wish service. If you are perceived as a long-run winner, you will not be a sought-after customer. This is not so much the case with online casinos.

#3 Only geniuses can count cards


Completely not true. Of course, you do need to be good with numbers and math to be a successful card counter, but you do not need to be a super genius. All you really need is practice, good work ethic, discipline to do the same every move of every game, and the will to believe in your system and its success-fulness.

#4 Blackjack variations exist for the benefit of the player


More or less, the opposite is true. When there is a variation, it actually has some twist that you need to be aware of. Sure you can play and take advantage of the variation as much as you can, but be aware that the casino is not exactly on your side. For example, Double Exposure Blackjack allows players to see the dealers hand as well, but with that advantage there comes a flip side. The house edge is higher. Though the casino is not out to get you either, the variations mainly just add spice to the game.

#5 Professional players strike it rich


The actual profile of a professional Blackjack player is nowhere near that of a high roller, at least if he or she plays as an individual. Sure, they might hang out with some serious high rollers, but their real success lies in pure and basic card counting, if that is their strategy. When you count cards, it is all about exploiting the small edge you gain through impeccable play. Basically, it is a hard grind, and those who do it are grinders who do nothing more than pound away at the concrete wall of the house. They are not making thousands upon thousands of dollars unless they began with than kind of bankroll.

Keeping these things in mind, you can understand that Blackjack and professional Blackjack players are not at all what you may have thought they were.

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