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Vegas slot machine jackpot hasn’t been popped in 20 years

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It’s no secret that Prism Casino is a huge online slot machine attraction. After all, with so many new games constantly being added to the mix, players always have something new to look forward to.

But there’s something happening today in the land-based casino world that caught our eye. And it has nothing to do with the latest casino technology. In fact, it’s a very old-school casino news item.

Over at the Las Vegas MGM Grand, there’s a slot machine called The Lion’s Share that hasn’t paid out a jackpot in 20 years. That’s not a typo. We meant 20, not 2. And we also meant years, not months. Crazy, right?

To put things in perspective, someone who was just 1 year of age the last time the jackpot popped is now legally allowed to play the casino game in Vegas where the gambling age is 21.

Today, the jackpot sits at $2.3 million. Well, maybe “sit” isn’t the right term. That jackpot keeps climbing because slot machine players are flocking to the casino in record numbers. In fact, recent reports suggest that the slot machine is a bigger attraction than Celine Dion.

The $1 progressive slot machine is the last of about 50 machines that used to occupy the MGM Grand floor. It’s an old 3-reel slot machine—in fact it’s the oldest one at the casino—but management can’t get rid of it.


And not because it’s such an attraction. They can’t get rid of it by law. Under Nevada state law, a slot machine must pay out 75 percent of the money that’s fed into them. Since no one has won the jackpot, management is barred from physically removing the machine. Someone has to win. It’s literally the law.

According to casino pit bosses we spoke to, even the diehard table players are giving the machine a try. But they have to wait in line. The Lion’s Share does about 5x more traffic than other slot machines at MGM Grand.

If you’re thinking about making the trip to Vegas to find that slot machine, don’t expect to see a giant LED sign flashing the current jackpot, raised up on giant poles for the whole casino to see. The slot machine, circa 1990, is modest compared to today’s machines. It’s not as flashy as new machines. Even the sound effects are less digitized and impressive.


But one thing that people love about the machine, aside from the jackpot, is the fact that it still contains a pull lever. Modern machines include only a push button. That means this machine can officially still be called a one-armed bandit.

That is, of course, until someone finally hits that $2.3 million jackpot.

If you can’t make it out to Vegas, don’t worry. Prism Casino has tons of online slot machines with large jackpots. And they pop much more frequently than every 20 years, so you won’t have to wait long to hear about a big win or experience one for yourself!

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