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What are the 5 Biggest Casino Payouts Ever Awarded?

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One of the most popular games at casinos these days seem to be the jackpot games. Jackpot games are your typical casino games such as Blackjack, Slots or Video Poker, but have a jackpot attached to them that can be won. Sometimes these jackpots reach into the millions of dollars and award one lucky player at random a huge payday.

Since their introduction, we have heard tales of players winning small fortunes and life changing money. Some may be false, but we were determined to find out which ones were true. And, believe it or not, sometimes a story that sounds too good to be true can be a reality, as your about to find out.

5. Big Enough to Write a Song About It

Starting our list at the number 5 biggest payout in a casino is Charlie Wells. He is most famous for being known as the man who broke the bank in a casino in Monte Carlo. His epic gambling tales inspired a song to be written about him as well.

Charlie’s favorite game was Roulette and in 1892, he took a $4,000 stack of chips and turned into over $1 million. That’s a huge amount of money by today’s standards, but over 100 years ago, it was considered a fortune. With inflation, you can bet that $1 million back then would be worth over $20 million today.

To make this story even better was the fact that Charlie won a bet on number 5, 5 consecutive times. Coincidence or fate?

4. Gooooooooooaaaaal!!!!!!!

Football is the most popular sport in the world and has the richest sports figures in the world as well. The owners of these teams have to be even wealthier to pay the salaries worth millions and millions of dollars every year.

The owner of the famous Newcastle United Football club in England is known to dabble in Roulette. One day he strolled into the Fifty Casino and decided to play a few spins at the table. He walked in, slapped down a massive bet on number 17 and completed that bet by betting on the color of 17 and odd.

In only 15 minutes, Mike Ashley had won $1.6 million. He casually shook the dealers hand and strolled out of the casino with a little extra cash in his pockets.

3. Luckiest Man Alive?

In 1989, the largest progressive jackpot in the world was introduced, called “Megabucks” It was instant success and once the jackpot hit $30 million, people began to take serious notice.

The Megabucks is known for its lofty odds of winning, and not many people have won the massive payday. Since it began, only a handful of people have been lucky enough to win. That all changed when a 92 year old man named Elmer won it not once, but twice! In 1989, when it was first launched, Elmer Sherwin won the jackpot for $5 million. And what seems like a fairy tale, in 2005 he defied the odds and won it once more for $21 million!

2. What’s The Exchange Again?

The biggest payout online was won by a Norwegian gambler. His real name is unclear, but what we do know is that he is commonly referred to as Peter. This regular Joe began playing at the progressive jackpot slot called Arabian Knights at a casino online. The casino in question did not accept Norwegian currency and his funds were exchanged for Euros so that he could play.

Peter had no idea what the exchange rate was and paid little attention to it until after he was done playing. Once finished, he contacted customer support to find out what 11.7 million Euros was worth in Norwegian Crowns. The support agent on the other end informed him that it was worth more than 38 million! Needless to say, Peter was a very happy man.

1. The Road to Riches

Poker players and gamblers love to go for it all. Sometimes they win, and sometimes they lose. Archie Karas decided to take this motto to the extreme on a road trip to Vegas. He began his journey in Los Angeles California with a mere $50 to his name. During his trip he made several stops at casinos and back room poker clubs and was lucky enough to turn that $50 into $10,000. Most would be happy with that, but Karas decided to continue his venture to Vegas now that he had a little extra spending money which to gamble with.

Hitting the world famous Vegas Strip, he managed to take more than $40 million form the casinos playing poker, Baccarat and dice games. However, Karas somehow lost it all back in less time than it took to win it. Sadly this is a story that’s more common than the ones you have just heard. The biggest lesson you learn as a gambler, is to know when to walk away.

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