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What Are Your Keno Winning Numbers?

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Keno is a game of numbers and chance. The object is to guess which ones will be picked for each specific game. The game itself involves no real strategy as it is mainly chance, but some people feel their numbers are winning keno numbers.

Being a numbers game, Keno draws in the superstitious people with hopes that their Keno winning numbers will win them a fortune. While there is no specific Keno winning system such as a betting strategy or number system, there are a few things you can do to maximize your profits.

First you want to pick the payouts with best chance of winning. You can pick up to 10 numbers, but only picking 4 is bet to winning at Keno. Picking only 4 will give you a 1 in 3 chance to win, while other blocks will have odds as high as 1 in 10.

If you are looking for the big payday, you want to pick all 10 numbers. This is the only way to win the top prize but, can be risky. Obviously the more numbers you need to match, the higher the odds. However, if you happen to get all 10 you will be greatly rewarded and the risk will be worth it.

As far as picking numbers, some like to use their lucky numbers and feel their choices are the correct ones. Lucky numbers range from birthdays to house addresses. If people have a kid, they will often use their birth dates. Sometimes you will hear people who have won say they had a dream about certain numbers and they were destined to win. Others will believe in numerology and pick their winning numbers by certain alignments of the stars and other factors that revolve around this practice.

While no number is a lucky number for everyone, it will have a certain lucky feel for others. And even though we can never predict the outcome of a single game of Keno, using any superstition you may have at the least makes the game more fun. It’s always makes for a great story when your lucky numbers do hit and you tell your friends how you knew they were going to hit. You will look like a genius or a physic who can predict the future.

What are your lucky numbers? Share with us your way picking numbers in Keno or any other superstitions you may use. We always enjoy a good winning story. Here’s a good story about picking winning numbers from ABC News.

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