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What’s so good about joining a casino VIP program?

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You’ve seen the casino posters with the velvet rope, inviting you to discover a different world inside. You’ve heard about the big incentives offered to players like you, just for joining. And maybe you’ve even talked to people who are part of an online casino VIP program. But still, you’re not convinced it’s right for you.

Here’s the story. No matter what type of casino player you are, you can benefit in a big way by joining a VIP program. Today, we’re walking through all the big reasons why you need to check one out, so read on.

Casinos know exactly how much you’re betting


When you play casino games at a land-based casino using a loyalty card, most casinos base your loyalty points on the table maximum you’re playing and how long you’ve been sitting down. Remember, when you hand your VIP card to the pit boss, he usually walks away right after logging you in to the system. They know how much you’re betting based on the table minimum and a quick glance of what kind of bets you’re placing. But it’s difficult for them to keep track of every single bet. That means you might be betting more without getting credit for it.

Online is different. The Internet casino can track every single bet you place and reward you accordingly. No double down at the Blackjack will go unnoticed. No massive bet on the pass line will be missed at the Craps table. And no high stakes bet on black at the Roulette wheel goes uncounted.

You can earn insurance on your losses


You know that feeling you get when you just lost a big bet that was seemingly unbeatable? You split eights three times with $50 riding on it each time. And each eight yielded you a three or a two, handing you triple double down opportunities. And you get between 19 and 20 on each hand. And then the dealer nets 21. And then the tears start flowing. I hate that feeling too. Which is why I absolutely love Prism’s VIP program. They hand you up to 50% insurance on your monthly losses, so you don’t have to worry about big losses. They really take care of you.

You can cash out your winnings faster and more often


Some casinos pay out a lot faster than others. And even at Prism where cashouts are quick, there are limits on what you can withdraw per week. But when you join a VIP program, you’ll likely qualify for higher payouts each week. It all depends on which casino you play at and at what level you find your loyalty status on. At Prism Casino, for example, you can qualify for payouts as much as $10,000 per week. That comes in handy when lady luck is on your side in a major way.

You get access to the high roller’s room


Online casinos are famous for their low table minimums. At a land-based casino, finding an empty seat at a $25 table limit at a big Vegas-style casino on a weekend is a nightmare. But online, $1 minimums are the norm. Still, if you like playing for big money, you might not like the $100 or $200 table maximums at some tables. Joining a VIP program gives you access to higher table limits automatically.

There’s even more to excited to get about with the Prism Casino VIP program, so have a look and discover why else you’ll love being one of Prism’s most valuable players.

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