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Your Easy-to-use Craps Reference Chart

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Love the idea of craps but have no idea how to play? I feel your pain. When I first got into craps, I had no idea how to play. My buddies and I went to Vegas for a weekend and I watched them play and win big, but I was more of a blackjack kind of guy. Craps just looked too complicated for my liking.

Eventually I figured it all out, and I was amazed at how simple the game was. If you’re struggling with how to play Craps and what the complicated table actually means, we’ve put together a handy chart to break everything down. So have a look and then practice your game at Prism Casino.


Ready to put your newfound knowledge to good use? Create a free Prism Casino account now and hit the craps tables for free. No need to deposit. We really want you to learn this game so we’ve opened up our craps tables for unlimited free play. Enjoy.

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