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Solve the crime and win a $1500 Free chip!

There is cheater loose in Prism Casino, and we need your help to find him! Can you use the clues to find your way to the cheater and a $1,500.00 Free chip? have fun, good luck and happy hunting!

Rules: The rules to Prism Casino’s Clue are simple. There are 4 suspects, 4 cheating tactics, and 9 mansion locations. The aim is to deduce the details of the cheat; that is, Who did it? Where did they do it? And how?

Each suspect, tactic and mansion location has it’s own coupon code. You can redeem each bonus coupon unlimited times, but you must redeem them in the order that you would like to make your suggestion (i.e. If you would like to suggest that it was Mr. Big cheated by Card Counting in the Library, you must redeem coupons MRBIG, CARDCOUNTING, and then LIBRARY‚Ķ in that order!). Once you redeem your 3 coupons, contact us and we will let you know if you are correct. If you are, we will credit you with a $1,500.00 FREE CHIP! If you are not, we will let you know just one of your coupons that was incorrect and will still credit you with a $100 FREE CHIP! Then, you can start again! You must redeem the three correct coupons, in order, without any suggestions in between. Every 3 coupons is considered a suggestion, and you must contact us after each suggestion to continue play in Prism Casino’s Clue.