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1980’s movies we’d love to see turned into slots

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I love playing online casino games while watching Netflix. And the other day, that got me thinking. There are so many movies that would make excellent slot machines, especially motion pictures from the 1980s. So today we’re exploring some great titles that would translate beautifully from the silver screen to the slot machine screen.

Back to the Future


Back to the future Day was last week. If you missed it, it was October 21st, the day Marty and Doc arrive in the future in Back to the Future Part 2. The whole world celebrated on social media. And the stars of the movie got into the game, with Christopher Lloyd and Michael J. Fox reprising their role on Jimmy Kimmel. The movie is a classic and we’d love to see it turned into a slot. Here’s how we see it. You’ll start in 1985 earning 2x payouts for all symbols. If you get three plutonium symbols, you’re sent back to 1955 where you’ll only get 1x payouts. Find three more and travel back to 1985 where you’ll earn double symbols again. If you hit three hoverboards, that takes you to 2015 where you’ll earn 3x payouts. This would be a lot of fun on its own, even without any sort of bonus round.



Goonies never say die and you’ll never want to stop playing the Goonies slot machine at Prism Casino, assuming it existed. It doesn’t, but we can always dream. Imagine getting to do the Truffle Shuffle by hitting three Chunk symbols. Or entering bonus rounds where you get to drop the bucket down the well and grab tons of gold. The possibilities are endless.

Ferris Bueller’s Day Off


You’ll definitely want to call in sick to play this slot machine. Imagine being able to hang with Cameron and Sloane as you spend your day exploring Chicago, attempting to dodge the wrath of the Principal of your school. The bonus round would obviously consist of racing around in Cameron’s dad’s sports car. Avoid getting caught and you’ll hit the jackpot.



It’s fitting that a game all about toys should be made into a slot machine. In Big, 12-year-old Josh Baskin wishes that he was big. And his wish is granted when he wakes up as a 30-year-old, much to his chagrin. We’d love to see Zoltar, the fortune teller who granted his wish, as the substitute symbol in this game. The giant piano that Josh Baskin dances around on? Hit three of those and you’re playing the bonus round where completing the song gets you free games.

The Empire Strikes Back


You can’t beat a Star Wars-themed slot machine. Unfortunately, while they did once exist, Disney has decided to phase them out after buying the rights. That means you won’t be able to play them on the casino floor or anywhere online soon, if not already. Still, we’d love to see an Empire Strikes Back slot machine, complete with Yoda bonus symbols, X-Wing fighter bonus symbols, and Jabba The Hutt jackpots, which we’d obviously call Jackpot The Hutt. Anyway, this one is definitely not happening, but a guy can dream.

What 1980s movie would you love to see made into a slot machine? Let us know in a comment or share this article on social media and ask your friends.

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