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3 slot machine secrets you need to know

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Thinking about playing slot machines? Debating making the switch from table games? There are three big secrets that could sway your vote. Today, we’re uncovering the secrets most casinos don’t want you to know. Read on for the details.


1) If you watch any movies about gambling, you might assume that table games are all the rage. After all, they’ve made movies about Blackjack, like the hit motion picture 21. They’ve made movies about poker, including Rounders and other big ones. But they haven’t really made anything about slot machines. That’s probably because casinos don’t need to fuel traffic to their slots through Hollywood’s magic.

In the 1980s, slots took over the lead from table games such as blackjack and craps to become the most popular casino game on the floor. In 2014, slots and video poker account for over 70% of a casino’s total profit. There’s good reason for that. People love the idea of a big win. Remember, putting down $10 on evens at the roulette table will only net you $10 if you win. But doing the same in a slot machine could lead to a 6-figure payday should you hit the jackpot.


2) Stay away from the statewide progressive jackpot machines. You’ll see them in Las Vegas. They’re basically a bunch of machines that are linked to a statewide game, so everyone playing various machines at different casinos feed the same big state jackpot. The problem with these is that a large chunk of every dollar goes to feeding the jackpot. You’ll see the jackpot total skyrocket, but your chances of hitting regular payouts will decrease because most of your money is going to feed the jackpot. Instead, choose the linked progressive machines that have smaller jackpots and look for the machines with more balanced jackpot to payout ratios.


3) This is a big one. Most people see large progressive jackpots and flock to those machines in droves, thinking that they’re going to hit the jackpot. It’s great to dream, but the truth is that the big progressive jackpot machines actually pay out less often than machines with smaller jackpots. If you want to walk away feeling like a winner, definitely play the smaller jackpot machines. If you want a small chance at a huge fortune, than those progressives are your best bets.

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