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5 Fun Facts: Amazing Roulette tidbits you never knew

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You already know the difference between American Roulette and the European flavor. And you’ve heard about big Roulette losses that could make your jaw drop. But here at Prism Casino, we’re all about embracing the positive. So today, we’re covering 5 cool Roulette facts you probably never knew. We hope you enjoy them.

#1 – Someone once bet $135,000 on a single Roulette spin


When I go to Vegas, I have trouble dropping down a $25 chip on a single number. Don’t get me wrong. I love gambling. And I love Roulette. But I prefer playing evens and odds where the odds of winning are higher, nearing almost 50/50. So dropping $25 on that bed, or red/black is pretty mindless. But inching that $25 chip to the inside and playing a single number? I know the odds of hitting that single number is ridiculous.

I’m guessing Ashley Revell had the same feeling as me when he put down his bet on Red. He clearly didn’t’ want to play the inside, but I don’t blame him. He would have likely lost and no one wants to lose when $135,000 is on the line. So Revell did the most logical thing anyone would do playing that kind of money on a single spin. He dropped it all on Red. And…get this…he won.

#2 – A poorly seated wheel can make you very rich


So this one doesn’t apply online, but if you play roulette live, you’re going to want to pay attention to this. Roulette relies on physics. Where the ball bounces and lands is determined by a number of factors, including where the ball first lands, the speed of the wheel, and nicks on the wheel, etc. But while everything might appear random on the surface, it might not necessarily be. A wheel that’s not seated poorly could force a ball to land in a certain spot on the wheel more than it should. If you’re in a live casino, it pays to stand around and watch for poorly seated wheels before you place your bets. Finding one could change your life.

#3 – There is no surefire way to beat the odds


Many have tried to develop systems to beat the odds: from lucky underwear, praying to meticulously designed strategies that may have taken then years to come up with and make “perfect”. And though some people swear by some methods (especially if they came up with them), none has been conclusively proven to work. You can’t really tamper with luck you know.

#4 – More women enjoy Roulette than you might think


Many believe that Roulette is a heavily male dominated casino game. But the truth is that many female gamblers enjoy the game, even more than you would expect: Latest statistics show that the split is about 54% male to 46% female. But our stats here at Prism Casino show an even more evenly split ratio. The game is beloved equally by men and women.

#5 – A Roulette Wheel in Vegas once hit the number 19 seven consecutive times


Imagine hitting your number at the Roulette wheel twice in a row. Now imagine that happening 7 times in a row. Now imagine that the number you hit 7 times in a row was the same number over and over again. It happened back in 2012 when a wheel at the Rio in Las Vegas (that’s the home of the World Series of Poker by the way) hit the number 19 seven consecutive times. It’s not clear if the wheel wasn’t seated properly (see our Fun Fact #2) but either way, it happened.

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