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5 Types of People who Play Video Poker Games

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Casinos around the world serve as melting pots for people from all kinds of backgrounds. Whether you’re a spunky grandma with a coffee cup full of quarters or a gutsy executive with a dream of making it to the World Series of Poker, casinos are the perfect place to enjoy a few hours of fun with your closest friends. Among this diverse audience, however, individual games tend to draw their own specific crowds based on their rules and gameplay. Take slots, for example. Slot machines attract players of all ages looking to take in the casino atmosphere without dealing with the busy, often intimidating experience of table games. Baccarat, on the other hand, commonly hosts gamblers with a penchant for high stakes and solid odds. One type of game that draws a slightly more diverse crowd is video poker.

Video poker comes in many shapes and sizes, and some machines can offer an incredible chance to beat the house with proper play. As a result, video poker machines are a common destination for casino-goers looking to transform their bankrolls into windfalls while visiting their favorite casinos. Right now you’re probably wondering what types of players are most commonly spotted at video poker machines. If so, your timing is truly impeccable. Let’s take a look at the five types of people you’re likely to find at a video poker machine near you.

Players who Study the Odds


Players who care about the odds steer clear of slot machines, but they may still have a hankering for that sought-after, at-your-own-pace gameplay these machines offer. That’s where video poker games come into play. Video poker offers some of the best odds in the casino, and it’s a good alternative to slot machines. Players still enjoy the thrill of a possible jackpot win, but they’re roughly five times more like to actually get it when playing video poker. The catch to capitalizing on these odds, of course, is to learn the proper play strategy. If you go in without a strategy, you may find yourself losing more than you would at a slot machine. Luckily, video slots strategies aren’t exactly difficult to find. Just search the web for a proven strategy, and study up! Practicing at an online casino before booking your flight to Las Vegas can also be a good idea. Did we mention that Prism Casino offers players a chance to practice for free? That’s a win-win!



Games that offer payouts in excess of 100 percent are bound to attract players that take play seriously, and video poker is no exception. The machines have a professional community that travels the country in search of machines with great pay rates and worthwhile jackpots. In an interview with a self-proclaimed video poker professional, an industry source discovered that these players flock toward machines that pay eight coins for a full house and five coins for a flush, in addition to offering a progressive jackpot for those elusive royal flushes. In the interview, the anonymous professional detailed his life on the road, which could include up to 11 months a year in casinos outside of his home state of Nevada. The rewards, however, made the juice worth the squeeze. He stated that during his first year as a full-time video poker pro, he raked in roughly $80,000 in profit. A few years later, he increased this total to about $135,000. If you’re willing to do extensive traveling and play video poker for 40 hours a week, it’s possible that you, too, could make a livable salary by focusing exclusively on video poker.

Strategic Slot Players


For years, slots reigned supreme for players in search of a less social way to gamble. Since the 1980s, however, video poker has been on the rise. For individuals who prefer this solitary style of gaming but want to implement some strategy, video poker is tough to top. The key to this strategy is to study pay tables before sitting down at a machine. Watch for low payouts for straights, three-of-a-kind, two-pair and other, less-visible winnings, because they’re often hidden behind high payouts for a full house or flush. Choosing the right machine is half the battle for these strategic slot players. The other half, of course, is knowing exactly how to play every hand. If you’re unlikely to play video poker for a living, it may be worthwhile to include additional bonuses, such as comped drinks, when calculating your video poker haul.

Tech Wizards


What would you do if you discovered a programming error in a video poker machine that allowed you to hit the jackpot on command? A gambler by the name of John Kane experienced this scenario in 2009 when he hit eight consecutive video poker jackpots at the Silverton Casino in Las Vegas. Casino executives scrambled to find clues as to Kane’s strategy, but they couldn’t uncover anything on the surveillance footage. Eventually, it was discovered that Kane had uncovered a way to retroactively change his wager in order to capitalize on wins and minimize losses. While video poker bugs are incredibly uncommon, that didn’t stop Kane and his accomplice from cashing in on this coding oversight.

Poker Aficionados


What is a poker player to do when there’s no decent tournament going on and he has some free time? Video poker is a great alternative. Just take a seat, and brush up on your combinations. Sure, the games are vastly different, but the strategy involved is just as compelling.

Whether you’re a fan of slot machines, poker or great odds, video poker has something for everyone. Take a spin for yourself by loading up one of Prism Casino’s video poker titles, and begin a journey toward some big time winnings. With an opportunity to practice for free from the comfort of your own home, it’s never been easier to study video poker strategy. When you’re ready to put some cash on the line and really put your skills to the test, we’ll be ready! Let’s get started.

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