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6 Famous Good Luck Symbols From Around the World

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Every hardcore gambler knows you never hit any casino without your good luck charms. Gamblers who only play occasionally for fun are also in the know when it comes to the power of the lucky charm in bringing good fortune the way of the gambler. For at least five thousand years, having symbols to create luck or prevent bad events have played a major role in human civilization.

In case you don’t have your own good luck charms, here are 6 famous good luck charms from around the world to give you some ideas:

Four leaf clover


The Druids of ancient Ireland believed four leaf clovers gave them protection against bad luck. The belief carried over into current times. Because there is approximately a one in 10,000 chance of finding a four leaf clover, anyone who finds one is considered lucky.



The luck that horseshoes bring has roots in Northern Europe. Ancient Celtic beliefs involved “fairy folk” as the harbingers of bad luck and illnesses. These tiny “fairy folk” were reputed to be afraid of iron. Horseshoes were also representative of the crescent moon, which the “fairy folk” were also afraid of. If the horseshoe was hung above a household’s door, their house and household members would receive good luck and gain protection against malady.

Number seven


One common idea behind the number seven as a lucky symbol comes from Jewish history. The temple in Jerusalem was built in seven years and the holy year, as indicated in the Torah, occurs every seven years. The number seven is mentioned throughout the Bible.

Rabbit’s foot


The hind foot of a rabbit was considered lucky by African Americans, mainly in the South. Attached to voodoo beliefs, the person who had a lucky rabbit’s foot was protected from evil.



Although there are various explanations, one reason rainbows are popular as good luck symbols likely stems from the Bible, where the rainbow is indicated to be a covenant between God and the humankind. The text in the Bible states that the world was destroyed by floodwaters previously, and the rainbow is God’s promise that He will not flood the earth ever again.



Finding money is always a welcome event, and in the case of pennies, to find one is a charmed occurrence. Because money is difficult to come by at times, finding a coin and not picking it up is considered to be unlucky. The development of this good luck charm may have come from the ancients, who believed metal was a protector from evil.

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