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Bad Luck Streak: Do You Have a Plan B?

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One of the worse experiences a gambler can go through is a bad luck streak. You will feel as if the world is against you and everything is out to get you. There will be times that no matter what you do; nothing works out the way you want it to.

As an avid gambler myself, I have been through these situations and can relate to anyone that has experienced the same. I’m going to share with you how I get through bad luck streaks and get back to your winning ways.

Know it’s Coming

The first thing to beat a bad luck streak is know that it’s coming. No matter how skilled a gambler you are, the downswings will happen. Look at any professional athlete and you will find times where even the elite players have bad games or periods of bad luck.

If you understand that the math of casino games will eventually catch up the savviest of gamblers, you can prepare yourself for the bad luck streak.

Bankroll Management

A lot of players make the mistake of trying to play more or higher limits when hey are losing. They feel that if they can win just a few games at higher limits they will recoup their losses, this is terrible for their bankroll and proves they don’t know anything about managing it. This is in reality one of the absolute worse mistakes you can make. Moving up in limits will only compound the losing streak and make you lose even more money.

What I find to work best and what most other professionals will tell you is to move down in limits and conserve your bankroll while going through bad luck periods. Losing less per bet while going through tough times will not only save you money, but it will also cause less stress on your mind. If you aren’t losing as much, your mental state will be better prepared to move on.

Have the Right Mind Set

Making the Segway into mindset, we need to talk about how you should be thinking. As I talked about in the opening of this article, many players go into a very dark state of mind when dealing with losing streaks. It becomes an almost self-abusive mindset that can sometimes border on the depressive side. It can be tough to keep a positive attitude when losing money, but if you keep your cool and stay focused, your brain and bankroll will thank you.

In the gambling world we often use the word, “Tilt”. Tilting is when someone gets so frustrated and angry when losing that they go into a world of their own and play recklessly. This tilt can last a few seconds or for a few months, or until a player has lost all their money.

Avoiding tilt at all costs is vital to surviving in gambling. Have a positive state at all times and realize that you will begin to win again and the losses are just a temporary setback. When you get back to winning again you will forget all about the last losing streak and be back on track to success.

Have you ever been a bad luck streak? Share with us your thoughts and methods you use to get back to winning.

Chris Hohenstein

Chris is a 35 year old who hails from Maryland in the U.S.A. He is a proud father of a beautiful little girl. When not spending time with her, he can be found at the poker tables, grinding out a living. He takes his vast knowledge of gambling and offers it to the world for everyone to read, learn and enjoy. If you’d like to learn more about dealing with tilt and more on the psychology of gambling, check out Chris at Tilt in Poker deals with the mental side of gambling and even sheds a little humor on the subject.