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Best Casinos in Vegas for Each Game

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Have you noticed how you can go to one restaurant because they have the best meatballs and yet you move to another one to eat Cannoli even though both are Italian food restaurants? Or do you go for beers at one bar yet if you want great cocktails, you hop to the next one? The same happens in Las Vegas!

It’s really important to know which casinos offer the best rules for each game and if you’re a one game gambler, then you definitely need to know where your game has the best odds. Some casinos, for example, offer rules that are very player-friendly and, when augmented by a good players’ club, provide an average return a cut above that of the competition.

Poker: For this favorite baby go to the Aria. The Aria has a good mix of games, lots of tournaments and a solid comp structure where players earn $2 per hour at all game levels. There’s also a good “poker rate” on rooms for players. Some of the biggest games in town now run regularly out of the Ivey Room.

Blackjack: If what you’re looking for is the classic game of Blackjack, it is best played at the Alamo. You will not be playing at the most luxurious casino, but this place has two single-deck tables with the best rules in Las Vegas. Listen to this: The games pay 3-2 on naturals, dealer hits soft 17, late surrender is allowed and an unbusted six-card hand is an automatic winner, which results in a skinny basic-strategy edge for the casino of only 0.14%. It’s strictly small stakes, with limits from $5 to $100.


Quarter Slots: Go to El Cortez. We are choosing this casino for its strong player benefits and an overall policy of liberal gambling. It’s also one of the best gambling houses in Las Vegas with good low-end comp house, so your players points from quarter slots will go farther here.

Dollar Slots: Hit the Palms! It’s one of the casinos that’s among the loosest for slots in general. It has good promotions and a decent slot club. Dollar slot players earn comps fast, and this is one of the best places in town to use them.

Roulette: Pack your bags and hit the Mirage since this is one of the few casinos with a single-zero game on the main floor.

Baccarat: Go to the Palace Station: Action around the clock at over sized mini baccarat tables. Minimums are low. Also know that The D downtown deals a 4% commission game, the lowest in town, but they only have one table.


Craps: You better head to the Casino Royale. It deals 20X odds on its craps games. This generous odds multiple makes it the best in town in this category. But check it out, Main Street Station downtown also offers 20X odds.

Quarter Video Poker: Go to The D. The good games are on the second floor, including a bank with a sign that reads “Over 100% Payback.” But the best machines are at the Vue Bar, where progressive-jackpot meters rise quickly to create frequent high-return situations.

Keno: Again, head to El Cortez. Better than average returns compared with keno norms and good promotions for players.

Pai Gow Poker: It’s time to hit the Gold Coast, since this is a favorite of local pai gow players and there’s constant action and low minimums.

Bingo: Get ready to go to Green Valley Ranch since it’s a very new bingo hall in town with the best deals and prizes.

If you have any other suggestions, be my guest and let us know the tips of where to go! Viva Las Vegas!

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33 year old male. Has visited Las Vegas several times as well as other great gambling places. Always having a good time. After having a little girl, he couldn’t travel as much so he started enjoying online gaming. Antoine is always looking for something different and interesting. Part time rock star but full time computer geek, he never seems to guarantee a balanced life. Enjoys Cajun food a lot!