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Best Gambling Documentaries on Netflix

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In my opinion, Netflix has been one of the greatest inventions of the last 5 years. Ever since I got it, I do not even watch cable anymore! And I do not even need a TV to enjoy it. For the last year or so, watching good documentaries on Netflix have been my favorite pastime apart from gambling! And in my movie perusal, I have actually found some pretty good gambling documentaries that shared some cool tips to improve my gambling style.


Beating Blackjack

21 was one of the first games that I learn to play and I have a soft spot for it ever since. From that moment, I always love to reward books and watch shows related to Blackjack. The problem is that many shows are “hosted” by random people that do not have much credibility. But when I ran into this DVD, I immediately recognized the man on the cover. Andy Bloch is internationally known for being part of the MIT team that ended up clearing several casinos out of millions of dollars. The DVD shares much of the insight plays that this team used successfully. The DVD shows very advantageous strategies like how to keep a running card count, how to gamble correctly and how to learn to play as a team to maximize wins.

Final Table Poker with Phil Gordon

Phil Gordon is a renowned poker player that became internationally famous for being the poker expert on the awesome Bravo show “Celebrity Poker”. In this DVD, he simulates what a final table in a poker tournament will look like and all of the possible strategies you might require to come out victorious. For me, this DVD was particularly great because I love to play online tournaments. Also, I have a regular poker group of friends that come over every month to the house and we play high stakes, so I wanted to surprise them with a thing or two. The production of this DVD is really classy and well done, plus Gordon’s explaining style is almost non parallel. He is really one of the best poker instructors I have ever come across.


World Poker Tour: Season 2

After you have watched the theory, nothing can round things up as watching the experts in action. There are things that you can only learn by watching the real action unfold when the pressure is on and it’s go time. This season of the WPT is exceptionally good because the level of the players is fantastic and the prizes are off the chain, which builds up the excitement! Besides, Shana Hiatt and Mike Sexton are excellent hosts and always have something interesting to add! I almost watched the whole season in two days, it is truly addictive!

So grab the popcorn, get comfy and enjoy these documentaries! Then, use what you learned and go to Prism Casino to blow away your competition! And you can even take a page form my book, organize a cool friend tournament and have a good time being the top dog at the table!

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