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Bling Bling Celebrities Playing at Casinos

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It’s not news that celebrities love casinos. Whatever it is that makes them tick about casinos, it’s definitely contagious. This fact makes me wonder what it is that make casinos such popular destinations for those with great riches. gave me a good explanation at why celebrities are casino driven and where us, the common average gamblers, might see them.

Stars congregate at the Bellagio in Las Vegas, for example. A few of the movie stars that you may see are Demi Moore, Alex Rodriguez and Matt Damon. The Bellagio provides a luxurious setting where stars feel at home.

Privacy is a Vegas option for stars and private gaming is provided at many casinos. Widely known for its extensive policy of bringing in celebrities, The Palms provides a congenial, welcoming and flexible stay for all celebs. The casino has built its reputation and business around the crowds of players that gravitate to stars and starlets.


Bruce Willis, Ben Affleck, Ryan Seacrest, Pamela Anderson and Jason Giambi are some of the stars that find their way to the private craps, roulette, blackjack and poker games established just for them at the Palms. This mid-sized, popular casino houses an open gaming area and the Mint. As its name implies, the Mint is a high-stakes lounge where games like blackjack and roulette are played by the rich and famous.

Ben Affleck is a regular in the casino’s no-limit poker parlor. He sometimes plays with $1000 chips until the sun appears in the morning sky. A Playboy slot machine grabs the interest of Pamela Anderson. Bruce Willis is a regular fellow, drawn to the craps table with the other players in the open gaming area. Setting him apart, however, is the amount he is comfortably able to lose.

Prior to the opening of the Borgata in 2003, outside of Vegas upscale casinos were few and far between. The luxurious Borgata opened in Atlantic City to the relief and satisfaction of many New York stars. A few years after the doors of the Borgata were open, many luxury stores followed suit, including Armani and Gucci.

Atlantic City soon became the destination of gaming celebs. Jon Bon Jovi, Nick Lachey, Jamie Lynn Sigler and Drew Barrymore are some of the stars who can be seen at the Borgata. The luxury casino is huge, occupying over 160,000 square feet. The structure oozes with beauty, class and sophistication. The poker room alone includes 85 tables. There are 200 other gaming tables and 4,100 slot machines. Celebrity games, attracting many stars, include craps, blackjack and poker.

International Casinos


Celebs like Andy Roddick, Justin Timberlake and Maria Sharapova gravitate in the immense Crown Casino in Melbourne. The main floor is one-third of a mile in length. The Crown holds the distinction of being the Southern Hemisphere’s biggest casino. Smaller side rooms, each with its own theme, are also located in the casino. The 2011 Aussie Million Poker Championship was played at the Crown.

George Clooney and Leonardo DiCaprio are frequent visitors in Sydney, Australia. The Star is the usual gaming location for each of them. DiCaprio as well as Clooney appear magnetized by casinos. They have also played their fair share of gaming characters, Clooney most notably as Danny Ocean in the casino-based movies Ocean’s Eleven, Twelve and Thirteen. As to DiCaprio, he often gravitates to Australia. DiCaprio and Tobey Maguire, another avid poker player, both shot some scenes for the Great Gatsby in Sydney. They stayed at the Darling and played at The Star.

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