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Celebrity Blackjack Players: Who are They?

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Blackjack is such a popular game that many who play and win believe that they are Blackjack celebrities. Celebrity Blackjack players are men and women who’ve taken the game of Blackjack to new, dazzling heights. Who wouldn’t feel like a million bucks after winning, well, a million bucks, but there are several Blackjack players milling around that are known worldwide for their skill, their daring, and their books.

The Team Players


Team players are the Blackjack celebrities who’ve become notorious for ‘team playing’, also known as counting cards. One of the top team players is Ken Uston. Ken is a founding member of the team player genre of Blackjack play. His ability to beat the house became so well developed that he was banned from nearly every casino in Las Vegas – this didn’t stop him, though. In order to continue playing and winning, Uston created rather detailed disguises that he wore while playing in casinos where he’d been banned. They really should make a movie about this guy.

Blackjack team playing took a whole new turn when J.P. Masser and his college friend Bill Kaplan, both M.I.T and Harvard graduates, worked to improve upon the Blackjack team player model. Because they were such savvy businessmen, they took what they learned and turned it into a multi-million dollar income. Not all M.I.T Blackjack team members fared so well; Laurie Tsao was arrested in 2008 on charges unrelated to card counting (card counting isn’t illegal, but casinos don’t appreciate the card counter’s unfair advantage over the house), but the charges were later dropped in 2012.

The Master Teachers


Not all Blackjack celebrities are known for their controversial card counting exploits. There are Blackjack celebrities who earned their status simply by being extremely skilled players. These Blackjack players became celebrities when they took their skills and knowledge, and wrote them down so that others could learn to beat the house and win big at the Blackjack table.

Steve Forte, author of the bestseller, “Read the Dealer”, is a phenomenal Blackjack player. His book provides novice and expert Blackjack players alike inside information on how to beat the house. The book became so well known that casinos had to change the way the games were played in order to keep readers from using the tricks they’d learned to win money.

There are skilled Blackjack players strolling into Las Vegas casino every day, but there are a number of would-be Blackjack celebrities who never set foot in a real casino. Some of the top Blackjack players online could give the above celebrities a run for their money and we at Prism Casino are proud to say that some of our members make that list.

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