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Coolest Poker Tournaments Around The World

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Guys, I don’t know about you, but I’m going to travel the world and go to the best Poker Tournaments in the world. They seem to be huge living organism where the best of poker occurs and since I love to travel and I love poker,- why not mix them?

I decided to make this post a personal sort of “agenda” that will help me organize for my future trips, but I also know that many of you poker lovers, might find this useful for your future holidays.

    1. World Series of Poker

GREAT NEWS: If you live in Vegas, you don’t need to travel for this one. And actually, I’ve already been to this tournament. However, I just couldn’t leave it out since I think it has to be the best in the world and by doing some research I found that this is a popular opinion by many poker experts.

I mean, Las Vegas is not an exotic destination, but what makes this tournament THE BEST, is that it is all about poker and that’s it! The hundreds of people that keep returning every year, prove it.


    1. Aussie Millions

Aussie Millions has a reputation for being a grand and fun tournament. It takes place in January in Melbourne for three full weeks during the middle of the Australian summer. The weather is gorgeous and that’s always a plus when traveling to these events. The city at this time is colorful and alive, because The Australian Open also takes place at this time. Talk about perfect timing!

    1. Latin American Poker Tour Brazil

I have heard that the most amazing poker tournament in Latin America is the Latin American Poker Tour Brazil and guess what? I’m not going to argue with this, since I’ve always wanted to see Brazil. A few interesting facts about this tournament are that 98 percent of the poker players are men, the celebrations and rehearsals related to the Carnival are alive when the tournament takes place which live up the party. There is always a good chance that when the LAPT occurs next in Brazil, it might be closer to carnival dates and I could connect dates in order to see more of Brazil and these two amazing events.


    1. Aruba Poker Classic

This amazing tournament is held by the site all year round in one of the most exotic islands of the Caribbean. The venue for this tournament is regularly the Raddisson Aruba Resort and Casino which holds some of the best parties together with the tournament. An amazing show and social events go hand in hand with this tournament, which make it one of the liveliest poker events in the world.

    1. World Series of Poker Circuit New Orleans

Oh yes, who doesn’t want to go to New Orleans for the World Series of Poker Circuit? I’ve never been to that welcoming city that is famous around the world for its festive and musical environment. Outside of the partying that is implicit with any event held in this city, the tournament players like to gamble and the field sizes are fairly big. Since it’s a WSOP Circuit event held at a Caesars property, the staff and environment of the event has a VIP feeling to it.

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