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Cupid is Coming to Prism Casino!

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Let’s face it: even if you don’t like St. Valentine ’s Day, February is a month where the subject can’t be avoided. And guess what? At Prism Casino we love any excuse we can get to celebrate love and friendship.

So cupid has decided to visit us this year and provide great Valentine’s ideas for dates or special little things you can do for your significant others. We hope you have an amazing day and that the contagious loving spirit remains for the rest of the year.

What does your special someone love or prefer? The first thing to ever consider whether it’s Valentine’s Day or not is your significant other’s preferences. Do they adore upscale cuisine? Crazy about eating desserts? Obsessed over casino games, music, literature, or any other topic? Settle on one or two areas of interest that you know your date loves, then build from there.

What’s your goal? The objective of Valentine’s Day is to let your special someone know how much they mean to you. Even if it’s a first date, there’s a message you want to send if you decided to make Valentine’s Day, your first date. Go beyond ordinary and think deeply about why this person really matters to you – stretch that word “love” into something with real meaning.


What’s for dinner? Most Valentine’s Day dates are built around some element of eating, whether it’s an all-out dinner or just chocolates. Think about what sort of cuisine you and your date both enjoy. Be sure to work around any food allergies or dietary restrictions. Cooking at home is always a brilliant idea. Show your date how dedicated you are to a memorable evening by crafting an elegant meal yourself. This way, you can customize the food and make exactly what you and your date want.

Then, going to a restaurant is always a great choice. Hopefully by now you know what food or restaurant your date loves. If you’re going to have a quiet and cozy together time at home, ordering in some delicious food that you both enjoy can be a life savior. Just try to have some decorations for the table, just to show that you took the meal seriously.

After the meal is over, have chocolates and out-of-the-ordinary warm drinks planned (for example, hot chocolate with a dash of liqueur or fruit syrup, latte coffee, etc.).


Barry White, anyone? Whether you’re going out or staying in, you can do a few things to establish a romantic ambiance and put your date in a good mood. Dress up a bit and take extra care for your appearance. Speak in gentle, loving tones. Play romantic music. Hold your date’s gaze and sit or stand close to him or her. And smile!

Who Said Anything About Gifts? A Valentine’s Day gift doesn’t have to be expensive or huge. Measure what your date might like, and go from there. A card, flowers, special chocolates are always great ideas. But then, if you really want to give a memorable gift, I suggest you book an activity together. Air balloon ride, romantic weekend getaway, rock climbing, spa date.. Quality time is always the best gift!

Ready to hit a romantic jackpot this Valentine’s Day?

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