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Diving in to the Whats, Hows and Whys of Strip Poker

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It must have crossed your mind at some point in your poker career. The games been getting stale as the pizza crust sitting out for the past four hours. “We should get some girls in the game and play strip poker,” is what you want to say, and so does nearly every other guy in the room. Instead, you play it safe and announce a beer run.

Technology has evolved, and today, you’re just a mouse click away from online strip poker joints and apps. If having a good time with friends is your intention, why not invoke an atmosphere of fun and gambling entertainment that only strip poker can achieve.

Good luck and may the best poker player keep his or her clothes!

How did strip poker come to be?


No one really knows just how strip poker came about, but it’s said that it was first introduced to the world in the mid 1800’s by bored poker players in a brothel in New Orleans. Since then the game has gained a larger and more open-minded following, and is not only played amongst co-eds but also in a circle of close friends, either same-sex or mixed genders.

Who indulges in strip poker?

  • Male and female teens (yes, it happens, deal with it.)
  • Mature adults in small groups of friends
  • Married couples in the privacy of their home

Tips and strategies of playing strip poker

  1. Only invite people you won’t mind seeing naked. And that means no siblings or relatives (yechh… awkward!), bosses or elderly neighbours. And that’s why you’ll need to put more thought into organizing the ideal group of strip poker players. Pick willing participants and get their green light beforehand so that there’ll be no room for awkwardness once the game begins.
  2. Have some alcohol to shirk off inhibitions and shyness. Buy enough beer and before long you’ll see the game taking on a whole new twist. However, you should keep tabs on everyone’s alcohol intake, especially the girls, once they exhibit signs of drinking too much, lest someone exits the game early or worse, when someone makes a Technicolor yawn.
  3. To make things more interesting, consider playing with “Intimate Poker” cards. “Intimate Poker” cards are like any other regular deck but has “interesting” forfeits written on each card. The loser will need to choose a card from the winner’s hand and comply with the forfeit stated on the card.
  4. Vary the stakes. Besides money, you can set other poker betting items such as truth, dare or clothes when you play either Texas Hold’em, Omaha, 5-Card Stud or similar types (think: variations played in and out of World Series of Poker tournaments). If you don’t want to take off your clothes, you’d better be prepared to do some rather absurd dares set by your friends!
  5. Wear plenty of clothes. In an air-conditioned room. Alternatively you can up the game’s fun level by wearing highly elaborate costumes (think: Halloween and Mardi gras). It’s also up to you to set the rules on whether or not jewelry and accessories count toward “clothing”.

Why do people even consider stripping for poker?


Why would people strip in front of other people who aren’t family members? Besides fun, there are other factors, including (but not limited to):

  • Learn to shake off inhibitions and shyness
  • Lighten up an otherwise boring game
  • Strengthen bond between friends (and sometimes strangers)
  • Ice breaker in parties (sans prudish party-goers)

Bringing strip poker to the next level on the Internet

Chatroulette: Consider firing up Chatroulette and play strip poker with complete pokers. Now, that would really brighten up an otherwise dull day.

Google+ Hangouts: Want to play strip poker but friends can’t play in person because they’re scattered all over the world? Connect with them via Google+ and start a strip poker session. Who knows, it could turn into a weekly thing.

Stripped: Strip Poker Dice app: This app is completely harmless, and doesn’t feature any females in the nude, animated or otherwise. It’s a fun variation to conventional strip poker, and all you need is your smartphone (after you’ve installed the app, that is) and some close friends or between uninhibited partners.

For a naughtier version, check out the “Strip Poker Asian” app. Caution: highly simulating imagery ahead (don’t say we didn’t warn you).

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