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Double jackpot that prove it’s easy to get lucky

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I’m a huge HGTV fan. That’s Home & Garden Television for those who aren’t familiar. My favorite show, up until recently, was House Hunters International. I love checking out new places and I think the appeal of the show is that I dream of living abroad, so it really fits the bill.


I said “up until recently” because I just discovered a new show that combines my love for houses and all things international with my other big dream. And that, of course, is winning the lottery and winning a crazy amount of money playing online casino games.

The show is called My Lottery Dream Home and it’s a short reality show that showcases recently lottery winners looking for their dream home or dream vacation home. Depending on the size of the wins, the dream home can range anywhere from modest to extravagant, with some people choosing a $300,000 home and others opting for a $5 million palace.

I’ve always wondered what I’d do if I actually won the lottery or hit a big jackpot. Unfortunately, I don’t really know anyone who has hit it big. And sometimes you wonder if it really every happens. But it does. And today we’re highlighting a few big stories to show you how lives can change and how dreams come true. innerlottery210062016

But not just any stories. These are the stories of jackpot winners who have popped two huge jackpots twice. Yes, twice. And we’re not talking about $1,000 wins either. We’re talking life-changing wins—the kind of money that you’d be able to throw away on a vacation home and still have lots left over.

Las Vegas resident wins Megabucks twice

The last time I played the slots, I hit a huge jackpot and I hit it twice. I was in Las Vegas, I was playing nickel slots for a good 30 minutes with standard fluctuating wins and losses. Then, three symbols lined up and the coins started to drop. Well, the virtual coins since it was a video slot and payouts are in ticket form. But I digress. The coins kept adding up at record speed and didn’t seem to stop. When it finally did, I was floored. I had won the most amount of money in my casino playing history. We’re talking $712. I was on Cloud 9 but I’d quickly find myself on Cloud 10 if there ever is such a thing.


Just mere minutes after hitting a $712 jackpot, I hit another one worth $653. Again, it was amazing and I felt like I owned Planet Hollywood in Las Vegas. I had won less than $1,400 but in Las Vegas, that kind of money goes a long way.

So when I learned about Elmer Sherwin, I was floored. The Las Vegas resident won the Megabucks slot machine not once but twice. In 1989, while playing Megabucks at The Mirage, he popped the big win, netting $4.6 million. Now, if I had won that kind of coin, I’d likely never play casino games again. But not Elmer. After winning $4.6 million, he made it his goal in life to win it again.

Winning a jackpot on the same game once makes you the luckiest man in the world. Winning it twice is just insane. But Sherwin did, popping a second jackpot years later worth $21.1 million.

Man wins jackpot twice in one week

The latest double jackpot win story comes out of Germany where a Luxembourg man in his fifties hit the jackpot playing slots on May 27, 2016. He won 203,000 euros (or about $229,000 USD), an impressive feat on its own. But just one week later, he’d go on to make history and blow minds. On Saturday, June 4th, he managed to pop another jackpot—this time worth 460,000 euros. It all happened at Casino 2000 in Mondorf-les-Bains.


Lucky Lady Strikes It Rich Twice

What would you do if you won a million bucks? If you’re like Jo Ann Argyris of Boulder City, Nevada, you’d pay off your mortgage. That’s exactly what the 58-year-old casino play did after hitting the Millioniser Hyperlink penny slot game in Henderson, Nevada at the Sunset Station Casino.

At that point, she was no longer a millionaire. After paying off your mortgage, you stand to put a dent in any big win, particularly if you owe a few hundred thousand dollars on your mortgage.

But she wouldn’t have to feel bad about saying goodbye to part of that million for two long. Just one year later, she become a millionaire once again after hitting another $1 million jackpot at the Railroad Pass Casino. This time, she spent her money on family, savings for her grandchildren, and a cruise for her mother.


Want to pop your own jackpot twice?

Let’s not get carried away. Hitting the jackpot twice is rare, especially if we’re talking about multi-million-dollar jackpots. But hitting smaller ones frequently isn’t as far-fetched as you think. For example, at online casinos like Prism Casino, you’ll find lots of jackpots that constantly reset when they’re popped. And they tend to pop frequently. To get in on one (or two), all you need is a free Prism Casino account. It takes just a few minutes to set one up, so get started now.

As soon as you’ve got an account, you can play slots on your smartphone or tablet on the go, or on your PC or Mac. And the best part? You can actually play slots for free. Yup, most of our slots are available to test drive without having to bet real money. That means you can get a feel for new slots, develop a slots betting strategy, and feel comfortable before committing real cash. When you’re ready to play for real money, you can use the same account to jump over to the real slots (same goes for table games and video poker). All it takes is a deposit to play for real, so come play. We’d love to have you — and we’d love to see you hit the jackpot over and over again.

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