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Enthusiasts Turned Schizoids: Welcome to the Slots Twilight Zone!

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Here at Prism Casino, we are always receiving hilariously crazy stories about all the picturesque characters you meet while in your casino trips, and boy, some of these fellows are certainly something else! Today, we decided to dedicate an entire blog spot to your experiences with those slot players that, with their luck rituals, defy any sort of rational understanding. What do you think? Do these slots oddballs belong in the casino or in the funny farm? You be the judge!

There is no place like home… except the slots!


One of the most popular slots in Vegas is the Wizard of Oz slot machine. But, some of the people that play it might have taken a wrong turn along that yellow brick road and ended up in the land of folly. Player Grace Myers tells us of an old lady with a Glinda addiction:

“While she was playing the WOZ machine, a lady had a paper Glinda doll that she marched across the screen when the Glinda bubble showed up. She was doing pretty well because I saw she had over $1k in credit so maybe it worked”

Apparently, there is something to this Glinda addiction because Jane Cullier reported a similar case in a casino in Mississippi:

“During my three day stay at a casino, I was completely mesmerized by the lady in the casino that played WOZ with a little wand in her hand. When Glinda appeared, she would rub the wand on the screen and on the people that were around her! She was always there every time I walked by, with the eyes on the screen and her magic wand ready!”

Grandma Knows Best?


When I play at the casino, I love it when an old lady sits next to me and starts chattering away! Usually, they are a hoot, full of stories and tips about everything, from slots to proper shirt folding techniques. But then again, I am not too sure that I would feel that comfortable sitting next to the ladies from these next two stories. Stephen Callahan had a very touchy-feely experience with an eccentric granny:

“Seven years ago, I was having a ball in the casino playing two one dollar slots simultaneously and having a drink. Suddenly, an old lady came up to me and rubbed my back. Then, she would just go her own way. She started doing this every 15 minutes. At first, it crept the hell out of me, but then, when I hit a lucky streak, I took it as a good luck sign and let her rub my back as much as she wanted!”

However, Daphne Miller takes the prize for kookiest old lady with her bizarre story:

“One day, I was at the slots when this peculiar old lady sat next to me. At first, I didn’t think anything of it but then, as she started playing, I saw that she was continuously rubbing something… I fixed my eyes on the object and discovered it to be a little doll. The weird part is that she had dressed the doll as herself, same glasses, same outfit, everything. As the reels spin, she rubbed the doll over and over again, so it was like she was fondling herself. I had to move, the whole thing just got a little too weird for me”

In my personal experience, the weirdest experience I have had has been with a gentleman who was not so much crazy as he was just plain gross. Before every spin, he would lick his finger and run it across middle of the screen where the third reel was. To make matters worse, he would then press the button with the same hand! Eww germ attack, anyone? I played my ten dollars and ran out of there as soon as I was done. That is why I like online slots at Prism casino so much! I can rest easy knowing that I can play comfortably and disease-free with a huge variety of slots and promos!

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