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Everything You Need to Know: Big Deal Casino Academy

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The casino industry is growing fast, and that growth is creating a huge demand for experienced dealers to man the table games. While most casinos are forced to create in-house training programs that are costly to institute and difficult to join, one school in New York is removing this barrier of entry and giving ambitious individuals an opportunity to get a foot in the door of one of the country’s most rapidly expanding job markets. This school is the Big Deal Casino Academy in New York City.


As the first licensed dealer school in New York State, Big Deal is on a mission to train the best, most hirable dealers in a fun, yet professional environment. For those familiar with the New England casino scene, the benefits of a New York academy to train casino dealers should be apparent, particularly as the region prepares for the opening of three new casinos across the state, as well as a potential casino in the Meadowlands. Ultimately, though, certification from Big Deal will be a great tool for obtaining employment at any casino across the country. The low number of licensed dealer schools compared to the continually-expanding collection of casinos makes this certification well-worth the effort.

Choosing a Course

Big Deal gets you ready for the casino floor by training you in your choice of games. You’ll get your feet wet with the mandatory ‘Intro to All Games’ course. This 40-hour class is all about the basics of working in a casino. Everything from opening and closing a game to changing money and shuffling cards will be covered in detail in order to create a solid foundation for future classes. Based on your performance in this introduction, you’ll get a better idea of which classes will be the best fit for you to move your casino career forward.

Blackjack & Spanish 21 is a great class to refine your skills. This combination course is ideal for preparing for entry into other primary or secondary games. If you aren’t into cards, perhaps the craps dealer course would be a good fit. Big Deal reports that most people shy away from the craps course, so this certification could be a major benefit when it comes time to get hired.


Speaking of rare courses, dealers who are certified in some of the most exotic games often have a leg-up in starting their careers. Taking the 80-hour Pai Gow Tiles Dealer program is a great way to assure yourself a job, according to Big Deal. Based on ancient Chinese history, Pai Gow Tiles is played with a set of 32 dominoes, and trained dealers for this game are difficult to come by.

Put your Skills to the Test

If you don’t want to take the intro course, Big Deal can help you out by assessing your skills. Successful completion of the Academy’s skill assessment program will allow seasoned dealers to expand their skillsets into new games without going over casino basics.

The casino industry isn’t just great for players, it’s also a reliable source of steady employment. If you’re ready to get into the dealer game, Big Deal Casino Academy is a great place to hone your skills before trying your hand on the casino floor.

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