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Famous musicians who love to gamble

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Ben Affleck and his penchant for Blackjack. Toby Maguire and his passion for poker. Charlie Sheen and his love of sports betting. There’s no shortage of actors who love to gamble, but they aren’t the only celebrities who love to ante up big time. Lots of musicians trade in their microphones and guitars for cards and chips. Here’s a look at the top five musicians who love to gamble.

Gladys Knight


She might be known as the Empress of Soul, but she almost saw her kingdom topple thanks to a real big love for gambling. In her book Between Each Line of Pain and Glory: My Life Story, Gladys Knight spoke openly about her addiction to sports betting and baccarat – an addiction that lasted 10 years.



Rap star Nelly might have a powerful voice, but at the poker tables he’s quiet and methodical, calculating every move. He’s traveled the poker circuit, heading to Monte Carlo to play in a major live poker event. And he’s been seen hitting the felt in Vegas and around the world. He’s also frequented a number of World Series of Poker events.

Scott Ian


Back in the 1980s, Anthrax guitarist Scott Ian used to play the occasional amateur poker game while touring the United States in his bus. Today, he’s one of the most recognizable celebrity poker musicians around. His poker career kicked off after he won VH1’s charity poker tournament and secured a seat in the once-famous Aruba Poker Classic. There, he met Phil Hellmuth, one of the world’s best poker players, and spent the week absorbing as much poker information as humanly possible. Today, Ian can be seen anteing up at all kinds of land-based events. We’re not sure if he plays online after the fall of the big three in the United States, though.

CeeLo Green


All right, I’m not exactly sure if CeeLo gambles, but his name is reminiscent of casino wagering. Cee-Lo is a gambling game that’s played with three dice. The rules of the game vary and it can be played with or without a banker. But the goal is to wager on the points being rolled. CeeLo isn’t played in casinos. It’s popular with school children for the most part. But hey, so was War, and now you can find it at casinos all over Las Vegas.

You. Seriously


Maybe you’re not a musician. But we know people who play at Prism Casino jump and scream and sing with excitement when they hit a jackpot or land a big win at the tables. And with the kind of money available to be won, you could quit your full-time job and start your own full-time singing career, even if you’re tone deaf.

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