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Five Fun Facts: Craps

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The gambling industry is inextricably linked with dice, and no dice game is more common or beloved than craps. You’ll find this simply game in virtually every casino, both land-based and online, around the globe. So, what’s all the fuss about? Well, the game’s low house advantage is a major factor. The fact that craps is a game of pure chance is another selling feature. Also, in land-based casinos, the social experience at the craps table is second-to-none. Think back to almost any TV show or movie that takes place in a casino, and a scene at the bustling craps table will almost certainly come to mind.


While you may have played craps a time or two, we’re guessing that we’ve got a few interesting tidbits that you may not know. Without further ado, let’s get into the list of five fun facts about craps.

5. Medieval Roots

Gambling historians have found records of craps that date all the way back to the Crusades. Back then, the game was called Hazard, but it was otherwise remarkably similar to the one played in modern casinos. The name craps derives from the French term crapaud, which means toad. We’re guessing this probably has something to do with the way players would squat down while playing on the streets before tables became commonplace. In the 20th century, a dice-maker named John H. Winn helped craps evolve into the game we know today by creating the layout and design of the modern craps table. This led to a surge in popularity for the game, and it still hasn’t slowed down.


4. Four of a Kind

Do you know why there are fewer craps tables than other games at most casinos? It’s because of the labor-intensive nature of the game. Typically, craps requires four employees to manage the table. The box person notes the outcome of every roll, two dealers place bets and push chips around, and the stickman gives the dice to the players and handles proposition bets in the center of the table. Compared to the single dealer setup of a blackjack table, craps is a costly game to operate.

3. Marathon Rolling

The longest craps dice roll on record was completed by New Jersey resident Patricia Demauro at Atlantic City’s Borgata Hotel Casino and Spa. For over four hours (and 154 consecutive rolls), Demauro defied the odds by rolling every combination except for a seven.


2. Superstition

Craps has its share of superstitions. From having a pretty lady blow on the dice before a roll to throwing a penny under the table, players do all sorts of things to gain the favor of the gambling gods. One of the most prevalent superstitions relates to the number seven. Many players refuse to mention the number by name during a game, instead calling it ‘it’ or ‘the devil’.

1. Winning Big

The most daring craps bet on record happened in 1980, when William Lee Bergstrom bet $777,000 on the dreaded Don’t Pass line and won. No guts, no glory. Right? Now that you know more about craps, head to your favorite casino and put your new knowledge to use. Keep these facts in mind, and you may be on your way to a big time win!

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