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Happy Birthday to Resorts Casino in Atlantic City!

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Happy Birthday! Not to you (unless of course it’s your birthday, in which case please enjoy some cake). No, today we’re celebrating an historic day in United States gambling.

On this day (May 26th) in 1978, the first casino outside of Las Vegas opened its doors. We’re talking, of course, about Resorts Casino in Atlantic City, the famous New Jersey Casino that’s still open to this day (and doing quite well, according to the latest revenue reports from the Division of Gaming Enforcement).


This is actually a pretty big deal. Think about it. On May 25th, 1978, if you wanted to go play Blackjack, your only option was to hop on a plane and head to Nevada (or a car, if you lived close enough). No matter where you were in the United States, your only gambling choice was Las Vegas or other casinos in the state.

But on the east coast? Your options were limited to, well, nothing.

Then Resorts Casino opened its doors, ushering in a new era of live casino gambling for the eastern seaboard. For the better part of three decades, Atlantic City was the east coast’s answer to Las Vegas, boasting lots of casino options right on the Atlantic Ocean.


The theme of the hotel casino is the Roaring Twenties, capitalizing on Atlantic City’s heyday. And it still shows. The first time you set foot in Resorts, you’ll feel like you’ve stepped back in time. At first, you wonder if the property has ever been renovated. But soon you realize that the art deco design is what makes the property so charming.

Resorts Casino has undergone some significant renovation projects over the years, including in 2004 when it added a second tower to the mix, and most recently when it expanded its restaurant and bar selections by adding Margaritaville to the property.

But despite the fact that Resorts Casino is celebrating its 37th birthday today, the property is actually a lot older. The original Ocean Tower was built in 1927 and stands tall and proud to this day.


So what’s ahead for Resorts Casino? We think quite a lot, actually. We really love this property, not just because they’re the oldest, but they’re also one of the more modern casinos in Atlantic City. While they were late to the online casino party, having only launched their online casino in 2015 while their major competition launched in 2013, they really embrace the idea of land-based casino gambling and online casinos complementing each other.

Resorts Casino actually has a lounge dedicated to online casino gaming on its casino floor. This is a really smart idea to introduce online casino gaming to live gamblers who might be not really understand iGaming or might be reluctant to open up an account. We’d love to see more casinos do this.

While it’s true that Atlantic City has seen better days, we’re excited to see the seaside resort town bounce back this year and reinvent itself. And we’re thrilled that the casino that started it all in New Jersey is along for the ride.

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