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Hop in for a Big Win with Prism Casino

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Are you feeling froggy? If so, February is a perfect time to take your experience at Prism Casino to a whole new level by taking a leap of faith with our ‘Hop in for a Big Win’ promotion. All you’ll need to do in order to play is visit our monthly promotion page and click on the big green ‘Jump’ button. After doing so, you’ll be rewarded with two of our most popular bonuses. The fun doesn’t stop there, however, because we’ve also got something extra special in store for a few lucky players. Don’t believe us? Read on!

There’s just something magical about the humble frog, and we’re guessing that you’ll be able to translate that magic into a big win or two. Don’t worry, we won’t make you kiss the little guy in order to claim a princely sum! All you need to do is click the button and choose your favorite deal. If you can’t decide, don’t fret! These promotions can be used as many times as you like during the month of February. Whether you prefer to play slots and keno or a table game, this is your chance to amplify your bankroll and play like a real high roller. Ready for some additional information about the bonuses on offer? Let’s get started!

Two Lily Pads, Infinite Possibilities


The frog is running the show when it comes to this month’s Prism promotions, and he’s got the option of two lily pads from which to rope in an awesome deal for our loyal players. Click the jump button to send him flying toward one of the options, which is a 350 percent deposit bonus that can be used on any deposit of $30 or more. This promotion is ideal for slot fanatics, as it can be used on any of our wide assortment of slot machines. The 350 percent bonus features no playthrough restrictions or max cash-out limits, so you’ll be free to pursue huge winnings.

If that promotion doesn’t get your motor running, might we suggest a quick hop onto the other lily pad, where an enormous 600 percent bonus will be waiting. This offer is available on deposits of $50 or more and features a 30 times playthrough restriction and a 10 times max cash-out limit. Whichever option you choose, there’s plenty of slot and keno fun to be had all month long.


Sweetening the Pot

As promised, we’re doing something extra special to reward loyal players this month. If you take advantage of either of the lily pad deals before the end of the month, you’ll be entered into a drawing for a FREE $5,000 CASINO CHIP. We’ll be drawing for the chip at the end of the month, so keep an eye on our Facebook page to see if you won!

Pucker Up for VIP Deals


When the princess is puckering up, the frog is excited. When the frog is excited, he’s ready to offer the best deals of the month. For members of Prism’s exclusive VIP club, this 370 percent bonus will turn any deposit of $50 or more into a small fortune. With no playthrough restrictions or max cash-out limits to get in the way, you’ll be free to pursue big wins all month long. Sure, the frog may not have turned into a prince after kissing the princess, but it sure boosted the little guy’s confidence!

Prism Casino is wholeheartedly committed to providing some of the most lucrative and generous promotions on the web, and this month is no exception. Transform your time at the one-armed bandit into a memorable occasion by cashing in on one of our amazing bonuses. Remember, if you hop into a Prism promotion this month, you could be hopping away with a $5,000 free chip in a matter of weeks.

For more information on how to activate your bonuses or become a VIP, contact our industry-leading Customer Service department via the Contact Us page of our website. With a full roster of bonus deals, a $5,000 giveaway and a library of all of the best games in the online casino industry, you simply can’t go wrong when spending your time at Prism Casino. Hop in for a big win, and hop away a winner!

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